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best place to buy toshiba hdtv?
Toshiba has a lot of Refurb TV's available. Check Ubid.com and there is a guy on Ebay who sells them. His ID is Trvlr1184 or something like that. He will sell outright to you if you email him. Ships from IN...good luck 
Component video cable
Canare has a great reputation and I intend on getting some. 
Best one box 16-bit cd player
The Linn CD12 is the best I have ever heard. 
Best Gunshots
I agree with the "Heat" gun battle. I heard it on mid-fi equipment with super bright Klipsch speakers. It was great! 
Acoustic panels
Dynamat is an acoustic treatment that is used primarily in car audio. It is a flexible sheet that can to be cut to fit door panels, hoods, etc.. 
Cheap Tweak?
Guys, seems I have my cleaners(Kontak) mixed up with my cameras(Contax)and I expected you to understand that my wife not letting me buy a bottle of $30 contact cleaner was a joke. Cheap tweeks are one of the best parts of this hobby and I thank al... 
Ok, some of you suggested Magnepan 1.6QR
The Bryston 4B-ST is a universally loved Magnepan amp. This subject is discussed extensively at the Magnepan Users Group ( also known as the Planer Speaker Forum at Audioasylum.com ) 
Anyone else tried the FIM Gold series?
Uh oh, sounds like a new "Cable of the Month" 
Neophite needing advice
All used...Audio Refinement Complete, Magnepan MMG's, Rega Planet or DVD player, Carver Tuner off Ebay, Homegrown Audio Interconnects, and Maplehade Golden Helix speaker cable. This setup will run in the $1500 range and I have listened to one with... 
Integrated for Maggie MMG's
Hey Carl, I am delighted you are going to try the Bottlehead. I really look forward to your comments on it. I am sure the Rogue is fantastic with the MMG's, but it is just a bit out of my price range right now (wife factor). I am hoping that the C... 
$1k speakers / Audio Refinement Complete
I am going to try the Audio Refinement with the Magnepan MMG's this very afternoon. If the Complete can handle the MMG's power requirements, I am expecting a nice match. The MMG's are not harsh in the upper frequencies, but they are bright in my r... 
Integrated for Maggie MMG's
I took the plunge and will audition the Audio Refinement Complete this weekend. If anyone is interested in the results let me know. 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
Ulf, I am happy that you have found a CDP that you like so much. It goes without saying that we all have different ideas what sounds best, but I must suggest that you listen to the Linn Sondek CD12 with redbook CD's before you declare the Muse the... 
Integrated for Maggie MMG's
Additional info: Small room(approx 12'x16'), digital only for now-phono not necessary. 
"Burn In" Question
Thank you all for your kind responses. Dekay, don't you just love those silver cable break in times? If I remember correctly you are trying the Homegrown's like me. For their price, I think they are worth the wait. BTW I do keep my digital source ...