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Anyone having problems playing EMI classical?
Hi AlaincperezI went thru the same problem over the last 3 years.I had mkI,then mk II and now i have a Raymedia drive mk3 SACD Standard and they all had the same problem:cannot initialise half of the CDS i own.I learned some tricks though:all the ... 
Any fix for a locked groove?
Hey Guinness,amazingly enough one of the transfered LPs was Armageddon (the german band)!I have RB 600/Grado The Reference/Michell Gyro SE setup. 
A question about Goblin soundtracks
It says "Original Motion picture Soundtrack" composed by (Australian)Brian May. 
Krell SACD Standard: grinding CDs prob.solved
I'll try it tmrw.Fuses are limiting current.I realised it when i changed one in my preamp and had to add 10 digits to my volume control to get on the same level as with the stock fuse. 
Fuse problem:cannot understand what i'm missing
The fuses are labeled T 500mA 250v.The package says "slow blow" 
Directional fuse and integrated IEC outlet
Well,it works for interconnects,i don't see why directionality won't work for power. 
How to trick a player into reading SACD layer?
Not to disrespect Sony but it has miles to go to reach Krell SACD Standard quality of sound. 
Esoteric SA-60 "vibrates with some disks"?
Japanese Cds don't vibrate because of a strict quality control.I had to replace all US Verve CDs with Japanese because they not only vibrated but made grinding sound. 
Opposite effect with cardas/Ayre CD
I should have read this by Art Dudley first:"But as I heard it, my hi-fi sounded mechanical and utterly devoid of human feeling for close to an hour after playing this CD. Not only did I refuse to allow it to be played again, I put the CD back in ... 
Opposite effect with cardas/Ayre CD
No,Cyclonicman,i wasn't in the room during the sweep.Just tried listening again to my system.Definite change for the worse.I wonder how long it will take take to regain the lost synergy.i just played Azymuth and noticed the Fender Rhodes is not 3D... 
Solidsteel amp stand:platform glued?
I also purchased it from Music Direct and the platform came attached.Looks like it glued with some kind of rubber compound.Rja,what was the insulation that came in your box to go between the shelf and the stand? 
Bee Gees on Vinyl: Where to start? Good sound.....
Get "Saturday Night Fever".You'll get a disco version of Beethoven 5th which beats the original. 
Random appearing distortion while playing LPs
On my Michell the motor is outside on the other side of the shelf.The climate is getting dryer and colder.Should i zip Grado with Zerostat? 
Random appearing distortion while playing LPs
I clean my stylus every day and records are cleaned too 
Questions about Zerostat use
Due to a weak dollar it is $100 now.