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Shunyata Altaira Grounding Station ........has anybody purchased this new product ?
Holydean,  Where did you find the Shunyata PDF guide?  I couldn't find it on the Shunyata website.  
Footers- Break In? Such A Change.
In my experience the critical mass footers are as Ozzy describes them. Nothing subtle or subjective.  Placing them under my integrated tube amp elevated the entire musical spectrum in my system. Could not believe my ears. I noticed less of an addi... 
Inexpensive speaker cables: any experience?
Duelund 12 ga.  The reviews are mentioned in an earlier post. A well known speaker manufacturer steered to them as he said they had embarrassed all the big ticket cables they were using. $8.00 a foot!!!  Tried them and they surpassed the top of th... 
Speaker Suggestions for 300b SET Amp
I am using an Audion 300b (7watts) with Spatial Audio M4s in a very large room.  Fantastic sounding speaker, very stylish and amazing bass with no strain (never past 10oclock on volume) and these are not the triode version, which is more SET frien... 
The best coupling caps in power amp ?? Mundorf, Infinicap ??
I too just replaced the coupling caps in my 300b Audion with the Jupiter Copper caps and the results were excellent. Very Surprising the improvement. 
Joule Electra
Jud is a real audio artisan.  I consider him to be America's Ken Shindo.  I have his LA 150se II and it makes music.  When you look inside you can see that an artisan chose each piece and carefully put it together.   
Synergistic Research Powercell 12UEF
I would definitely check with David at Weinhart Designs.  I have purchased three powercells from him, including the latest and he is great to deal with, and I think you will find him to have as good or better prices than anyone.  With my trade-in,... 
Best speakers for Pink Floyd?
Spatial speakers from  SPATIAL AUDIO ,Clayton shaw (formerly emerald physics) are exceptional with PF and 45 day free trial. No sub needed! 
Is there a minimum length for power cords?
Yes, the manufacturer I referred to is LAT International. 
New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house
Wisnon, Are you using 6900s as output tubes in the Lamp? If so, which model? I have the G4L4 with ecc40 and solid state recification. 
HiDiamond Power cords...
Paz307, Re your experience with the p4, if you were going to insert only one p4 into a system with the powercell, would you put it on the powercell or would you put it on one of the components? 
HiDiamond Digital IC
I too am using the HiDiamond Reference digital cable now, having previously used the HiDiamond Carbon. In my experience the Reference is clearly superior to the carbon in every audiophiliac quality. In my system, resolution and dynamics were most ... 
Fusion Audio Romance series cables
I am using the mojo XPC-5 with the spectron musician MkIII. I have not tried the XPC-7, but i would guess similar to the 5. I feel very confident that performance for the dollar is going to be hard to beat. I have kept fusion power cables elsewher... 
Fusion Audio Romance series cables
I am using the copper ic. BTW, I should mention that I sold a pair of the fusion interconnects I had to a friend who replaced Stealth Audio Sakras($10,000)with the romance 2's. He was totally thrilled with the money he pocketed and he thought his ... 
Fusion Audio Romance series cables
Back in Nov., 2010, I relayed my experience with the fusion cables. I happened to come across the continuation of that thread and thought I would throw in some additional thoughts about another remarkable cable line - mojo audio. The ICs were refe...