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Kondo DAC : Why no reviews ??
Steve, Kondo and the products bearing the "Audio Note UK" brand are completely different, and the two companies have had nothing to do with one another for over a decade. This link will explain.http://db.audioasylum.com/mhtml/m.html?forum=general&... 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
"Since I've Been Loving You". Out of all the studio tracks in Led Zeppelin's recording career, this IMHO was Jimmy Page's finest moment and my favourite guitar solo of all time. 
Bidat vs Perfect Wave vs Weiss and others
Here's a good post from an owner of an AN (UK) DAC5, who sold it after trying a Bidat.http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=digital&n=64718 
Received my Wadia i170 transport today.
Sorry to ask a question that's not on the original topic, but since Steve brought it up, FWIW, John Atkinson measured the jitter level of the Airport Express' digital output to be 258ps, which in absolute terms is not high. http://www.stereophile.... 
Orpheus Lab Transport Problem
You might just have some dirt or dust on the CD player's lens. Try cleaning the lens gently with a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol, and see if it does the trick. 
Beolab 5 - Four Questionable Technologies
"Not all conventional box speakers have narrow dispersion ( no side radiation ) - good speakers will have wide dispersion at least as wide as far as it matters (to be affected by side wall reflection to listener)."Shadorne,I think that the reason ... 
Beolab 5 - Four Questionable Technologies
Hdomke,You are correct about the 180-degree radiation pattern, and I mentioned that in my post. However, despite the fact that midrange and treble energy is not being radiated towards the rear, the speaker is still radiating full power to the side... 
Beolab 5 - Four Questionable Technologies
Shadorne,Right *after* I had submitted my question to you regarding the positioning of the BeoLab 5 during your audition, audiogon posted this from you."In my audition they were about three feet from the corners - so to me the congestion was from ... 
Beolab 5 - Four Questionable Technologies
Shadorne,I just have a question for you regarding your audition of the BeoLab 5.You said that the speakers were in a square-shaped room with glass on both sides and no acoustic treatment. How much space was there between the speakers and the side ... 
Beolab 5 - Four Questionable Technologies
Shadorne,Regarding your 1st and 3rd points,-The Beolab 5 may be a novel design in terms of its unique implementation, but the one technological feature that you seem to be focusing on, specifically the use of acoustic lenses to achieve omni-direct... 
The Best Amplifier Ever ?
Rhagen, which Acoustic Reality amp did you hear? 
best preamp ever - cost is no object
Agreed with Mrtennis.The word "best" is so overused and misused, that its meaning is almost lost. To say that something is your favourite (i.e. "I like it best of all") is not the same as to claim that something is "the best" in absolute terms. As... 
Audio Note DAC 5
IMO, you can achieve better overall performance at far less cost. This review helped me to see the light.http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=digital&n=64718 
Help needed on a recalcitrant Sony DVP-S7000
Justin_time, No problem; glad I could help. 
Help needed on a recalcitrant Sony DVP-S7000
Use the following key press sequence:1. Power (off)2. Time3. Clear4. Power (on)When DVP-S7000 turns on, you will see the main service menu.