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Bryston amp, pop sound at power down.
My Symphonic Line tube pre-amp sends a loud pop through the speakers whenever I turn it off. I too was told that was normal when I first got it in 2012, and it continues doing it to this day with no issues.   
Best amp for Salon 2
You're welcome. And congratulations on your choice - I haven't heard the 40th Anniversary SL Kraft yet, but I'm told it is truly excellent.  
Best amp for Salon 2
Ditto on what monoblocknova said. Been running my Salon 2s with Symphonic Line Kraft 250 monos and SL Erleuchtung tube preamp for over ten years and added the SL Belcanto CDP with optional DAC in 2015 -  and have seen zero need to change them.   ... 
Looking For Candidates For That Mythical 6922 Tube
If looking for more punch up top, try Mullard 2492s or 2493s.  I ran the 2492s before switching to Telefunken E88CCs, and they were very good, just a little brighter than I wanted.  
Revel’s Sound Signature
There were a few other brands in the mix but the competition ended up between the Salon 2s and Wilson Sashas. The Sashas had really good dynamics and punch, but the Revels just sounded right to my ears.  
Revel’s Sound Signature
My auditions in 2011 included both the Paradigm S8s and Revel Salon 2s. To me the Paradigms’ tweeter was way too hot and the Revels ended up in my room and have been there ever since, so no, to me they weren’t remotely comparable. 
Best speakers out there for Midrange and Highs
jmarshak, every so often a used Plinius SB-301 pops up here for sale at prices around $5K.  It is really a great amp for the price, with smooth highs and the only drawback being that it runs hot.  If I hadn't come across a ridiculously good price ... 
Best speakers out there for Midrange and Highs
"Yes, i should have mentioned too.. My room dimensions are 25"Wx30"Lx8"H Right now, I am running BAT Tube Monos, with a Simaudio Preamp and an Esoteric front end."The Salon 2s should be able to fill your room with sound on their own, but in look... 
Best speakers out there for Midrange and Highs
What are your room dimensions and associated gear?   
Considering Gryphon Diablo 300 "OR" Simaudio 700iv2 ???
“”But the cables...” LOL 
Considering Gryphon Diablo 300 "OR" Simaudio 700iv2 ???
He posted back in March on another thread that he’d ordered the Gryphon.  Fortunately for him he now not only doesn’t have to read ads about other brands he never asked about, but his wise choice was confirmed by Humberto, George and Mike, LOL 
Why are there so many PS Audio BHK-mono or stereo amps for sale? What Gives?
Presently there are 11 Pass Labs amps for sale, and 8 BHKs.  Gobble gobble! 
How far have ss amps really come in the last twenty years?
jafox, try getting in touch directly with Klaus Bunge of Odyssey and ask him to keep his eyes open for SL amps for you.  He sold my Kraft 250s to me, after he'd imported them for someone else who only kept them for maybe a month, at a huge discoun... 
Class A Solid State Sound
"The gryphon ss amps asound more like symphonic line amps or boulder amps."That's interesting, I have Symphonic Line Kraft 250 monos and have wondered how Gryphon would compare to them. 
Revel Ultima Salon 2
When I auditioned both the Signature 8s and Salon 2s back in 2011, the Salon 2s were far better (I actually preferred the significantly cheaper Legacy Classics to the Sig 8s, which I thought were way too hot up top).  I ended up getting the Salon ...