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Sub $2,000 Integrated Amp Recommendations
How about a used Primaluna.  Maybe a Dialogue would be at that price range and you get the nice sound of tubes that aren’t too syrupy.    
Tube Rolling
  Veerossi. What power tubes are you using with the Gold Lion 12au7s.  Which Primaluna do you have and would you say the sound is close to a SET or maybe even a 300b amp?  
Tube Rolling
In terms of sound and texture.  Since I also have a PL Dialogue Premium.  What combo of Gain (center two) tubes and power tube combo would give you a taste of 300b goodness?  
Can you provide context on First Watt?
Also try to look into Omega Speakers.  I’m super happy with my Alnico Super 6 XRS that I bought used.  Sounds amazing and since they are single driver and high efficiency speakers, they will pair well with your first watt amp.  Luis Chochos makes ... 
Going to replace my Fluance rt85
Consider VPI Scouts as well.  I myself got the Scout 1 used from the original in owner and was well cared for… I feel the JMW 9” tonearm and the table is quite good and is within your price range. Also VPI customer support is very good and made in... 
Best way to clean glossy finish on speakers?
All of the Automotive Quick Detailers work.  What I have done on my Vienna Acoustics piano black finish was wipe them with a NEW Microfiber cloth that has been damped.  Then applied automotive glaze wax in them and polished them.  There were swirl... 
Is low cost DAC worth it?
Totally Happy with my Topping E30.  It’s a budget DAC and works quite well, quobuz off a spare IPhone XS and running a lighting to USB cable.  I’m getting up to 24bit 192k.    
I'm going to buy my first tube amp. I need honest blunt opinions I would dip into this Integrated PL Evo 400 amp. Has the bandwidth and power not to mention you can tube roll up to your hearts content. Also can run triode mo... 
Heresy IV vs Zu DW6/Soul mk2
Ever consider Omega. They are single drivers and are super efficient. I have a Pair of their Super Alnico 6” XRS and it rocks with my Primaluna Dialoge Premium running on EL34 Tubes. They are not shouty at all and super fast and detailed. Also gre... 
Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?
I would suggest a TT (brand new with an internal phono preamp) like something from Fluance or even Music Hall, Pro-Ject.  Get the Aiyima Class D integrated (300wpc max, so expect 120WPC RMS) and then have her get the Fostex Speakers (single driver... 
Múnich 2023 Pro-ject Dark side of the moon turntable
I think it looks terrible IMHO.   But to each his own.    
Left Channel Out Primaluna Dialogue Premium
Thanks Peter.  I will when I’m ready as well.  Totally satisfied with my PL Dialogue Premium for now.  Cheers  
Left Channel Out Primaluna Dialogue Premium
That is amazing news.  And great idea to throw in some upgrades.  Wish you were near us too.  SF Bay Area.  Lol   
Left Channel Out Primaluna Dialogue Premium
Any update on your Primaluna Dialogue Premium?  
What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?
@edcyn  thanks so much for that explanation.  Totally makes sense and gives me more appreciation to listening for details with piano playback in my system.  I also have to add that playing at the proper volume would get you closer to realism, jus...