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Last time you felt that "tingling" sensation?
When Joan Sutherland sang Figlio del cielo from Turandot. Just when I thought a person could not sing louder or higher she ups it a notch. She turned it to 11 and blew me away. 
Adcom Vs Rotel
I would put Classe on your list. I have paired a variety of Classe electronic components with my B&W 802 Matrix Series 3 speakers to my delight. 
Real time analyzer
Thank you for your kind responses. Looks like the DEQ2496 is far more than just an RTA. Presumably, I can use the tuned microphone from my Velodyne DD12 with the DEQ. Thanks again for your assistance. 
Review: Jim Smith Home Consultation & Set Up Speaker
Also, I would be interested to know where Jim resides. I would be interested in having some advice on my system set up and would be interested in someone in the Chicagoland area. 
How to hook up subwoofer
Arni,Thank you for your assistance. My integrated amp has a preamp out so both options are available to me. I will try them both unless you can recommend a preferred method.Thanks again,Joe 
How to hook up subwoofer
Arni,In your second scenario where you are connecting to high-level inputs on the sub, am I correct to understand that you can connect the sub speaker wires to a pair of binding posts that a left or right speaker is already connected to?Thanks. 
the greatest pop song ever?
It's funny you should mention 5 O'Clock World. I recently heard this song in my car and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed listening to it. I guess I will have to purchase a copy of it.This may not be the most beautiful pop song but I thought i... 
Has anyone heard the new PS Audio Perfect Wave?
2chnlben,Thank you for correcting my error.Joe 
Has anyone heard the new PS Audio Perfect Wave?
I own the PerfectWave Dac and Transport combo which I purchased here on A'gon. My family and I were blown away by the quality of these components. My first test was to play a SACD of Carmina Burana so I'm not sure why you believe the PerfectWave s... 
Name your lame duck artist........
In the words of Beavis to Buthead "Change it or kill me."This is how I feel when a Billy Joel song comes on the radio. If I'm not in a position to change the channel I have to run around with my fingers in my ears singing loudly so I can't hear th... 
Name your lame duck artist........
Bono. Talent vitiated by self-righteousness. 
PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport/DAC experiences
I recently purchased the PW combo on Audiogon and was instantly thrilled with the performance. I do not use a preamp. I am still testing HDMI cables between the DAC and the Transport. I have tried a single crystal copper cable by Harmonic Technolo... 
Is difference between B&W 802D & 800D worth price?
That is a mamoth sized room. I could almost fit my house in that room. 
I have 1500 cds
Look into the Music Vault II product sold by Sound Design. It is a network memory device that has two hard drives for saving mirror images of your music fles. There are three versions of the MV II one that holds 1600, 2400 and 3200 CDs. The MV II ... 
Looking for a Great Sounding Outdoor Speaker
Stanwal and Macrojack,I must disagree with your assesment of Mr. Obama. He is a socialist who is plotting to ruin the U.S. healthcare system and is spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. His main goal is to redistribute wealth by ste...