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The most haunting music you ever heard?
Two songs on the John Hartford tribute album, done just before his death, are definitely haunting. Gillian Welch's version of "Tall Buildings" and John Cowan's version of Merle Travis's "Dark as a Dungeon". 
Ukulele, anyone?
In the George Harrison tribute there was a touching moment when Paul McCartney sang "Something" accompanied by the uke. He introduced it by saying that if you went to George's house that inevitably the ukes would come out. I can envision these two... 
Most Influential American Musician of All Time?
I hear Brian Wilson/Beach Boys in much of today's music. 
Judy Garland
Mcpody, wonder what happens in such a case? And by the way, "Carnegie Hall" is worth every penny. 
Anyone Catch Lyle Lovett in NYC
I have been wanting to comment about Lyle for sometime. A friend and I saw him last fall in Asheville, NC, and we both think it may be the best concert, music-wise, that we have ever seen. And we have seen some concerts in our day. The thing that ... 
Judy Garland
Thanks. Carnegie Hall it is. Anything else? 
lucinda williams live
A side note--Lucinda's father is Miller Williams, a fairly well-known poet and translator who read at Clinton's second inauguration. 
What song turns back the clock?
Boston's Brad Delp passed away...sad news
narchy, you are too right. 
Austin City Limits
Agree with Bdgregory. My fovorite has always been the ones where songwriters sat in a semi-circle, told stories and sang. Simple but it takes the music back to the souce. 
Are the Grammy's becoming irrelevant?
Timrhu, I sometimes refer to it as "pop country" but maybe we should call it "pap country". Frankly, I don't care for most of it. But, to each his own, I guess. 
Are the Grammy's becoming irrelevant?
Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that a country act as ever won album of the year??? Think of all the great ones who never won. Maybe it was just a weak field. 
Joanna Newsom: Ys or No?
I should qualify what I wrote above. It is Newsome's music, not her musicianship, that I have trouble with. What I said about her lyrics still stands. 
Joanna Newsom: Ys or No?
As a musician, she is an excellent poet. Her music has't grown on me yet, but her lyrics can stand by themselves. 
Best female vocals on CD
I am loving Larkin McLean. Check her out at