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New belt for Michell Gyro SE?
Plato, I also have the threaded adjuster and I also had a machinist make some spacers a bit thicker to give a bit more latitude for adjustment. I am using the Dynavector Karat 17-2 MKII and have been pleased with the performance. I have been consi... 
New belt for Michell Gyro SE?
Hi, I would like to know what arm everyone is using with their Gyro SE??? And to what result. I am using an Origin Live RB250 and am quite satisfied with one exception: The adjustments on the arm are quite crude and tough to work with. thanks 
New belt for Michell Gyro SE?
Have not heard of this update and I would be interested if you find it and try it. Also are you using the QC power supply? If so how do you like it? Is it worth the $$$$$$? Thanks 
Tonearm/Cartridge Upgrade
Hello, I have the OL RB 250 paired with the Dyna Karat 17 MKII. The results have been very satisfying. Mark at Origin Live was very helpful and delivery was warp speed. I ordered a tt from the east coast (I'm on the west coast) and the arm at the ... 
Audible Illusions Mod. III
Hello, Great Northern Sound does mods on this unit. Steve is a great guy to deal with. s 
Audio Research PH-3 "PHONO"
Hello, Try Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. He has done some mods on my ARC equipment that is great. You can go to the bank with his suggestions. 
Seeking Opinions of Acoustic Zen cables
Anyone have the website where info is available on these cables? Thanks 
Speaker Cable Suggestions?
Hi, I have the 2ce sigs and a Music Reference RM9 MKII. I am using Mapleshade clearview double golden helix cables. The sound is open, transparent with excellent bass. The price is reasonable. 
Mapleshade Double Helix
Thanks for the response. Are you using tube or solid state equipment? I have spoke to Pierre at Mapleshade and he has been a great source of info however I still have the hum.I am using a Music Reference RM9 MK II and a ARC SP9 MKIII. The hum I am...