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Best high end multi-disc player as transport?
Interesting. So how do you get a hold of those people who do modifications? 
Has anyone had trouble with stereophile magazine?
Yes. I never got my February issues. When I emailed them, they said, "sorry, we ran out"......but they did extend my subscription by one month. I guess that's something, 
Best high end multi-disc player as transport?
On the Bel Canto website, in the FAQ section for the DAC 2, there is a blurb about the theoretical benefits of using a DVD player as the transport mechanism for an upsampling DAC. Does anyone have any experience to back up the claim the a DVD play... 
Best high end multi-disc player as transport?
Thanks. I was aware of the CAL and actually owned the Anthem, but I bever liked the internal magazine, and having to load one disc at a time. I think I would prefer a good, smooth carousel. It seems like this is a really untapped part of the market. 
New DAC or Upgrade exisiting CD Player
In my view upgrade the DAC. The improvements you will get will be greater than if you upgrade the transport only. I'm not saying that there could not be improvements by upgrading your transport, but greater immedaite gains will be acheived by upgr... 
Best Multi-disc player/transport with AES/EBU out?
Also, best changers with coaxial out? 
Recommendations for a Digital interconnect.
I enjoy the Kimber Illuminations as well. 
Bel Canto DAC-2 or Musical Fidelity A3-24
I have not heard either. I do own the current Perpetual Technologies gear and think upsampling is the way to go while the format wars go on. As long as your auditioning you might want to check out the Perp. Tech. gear. They are coming out with a P... 
Solid State Integrated in 1500- 1800 range ?
I should have mentioned that I want this amp to have a phono stage. I will spend up to $2500 as i would like to have it for a long time. I appreciate all the feedback. 
NEW Musical Fidelity DAC
I think it will take more time to judge the new MF DAC as the units only seem to be trickling into this country. I currently own the Perp. Tech. P1A/P3A combo and am a believer in upsampling and speaker correction (I have the Speaker correction in... 
What's the best 5 disc cd player for under 1,000?
Check out the Anthem CD-1. Used should be under 1K. It has a tube output.