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Need repair for a Yamaha CR-1000
who specializes in repairing and restoring vintage Yamaha gear.I believe he stocks many original parts, and is aware of tweaks and upgrades to enhance reliability.His prices are extremely reasonable... he does this more for the love of restoring t... 
What to buy with $2000?
It handily holds its own with preamps costing far more. 
1000.00 to spend what would you buy?
why don't you consider this: like it would be hard to beat for the money. 
Full range speakers with small footprint?
Absolutely incredible speakers! 
Rogersound speakers?
Actually, Howard Rogers sold Rogersound Labs to a Japanese company for a nice sum of money (read over a million clams). It was this Japanese company that couldn't compete and went out of business. Howard made off quite nicely!Also, Howard wasn't t...