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Roon Nucleus Titan Upgrade Offer
Hope it sounds great. Keep us posted.  
Best Covers
You belong to me sung by Kate Rusby.   
JPLAY ? Qobuz iPhone
Jplay sounds better than mconnect in my system. It’s well worth the $49/year.   
Thoughts? - First Watt F8 / Vandersteen Treo's
I had Vandersteen 5a for many years. Unfortunately, not enough power. All the Vandersteen’s have about the same sensitivity.  
Meitner Ma3 Streaming vs Aurender
@bigwave1  as a Meitner MA3 owner, do tell. What have you heard?  
Graham LS5/9 vs Harbeth M30.2 and SHL5 Plus
@ryder  did you ever get the Gaia footers for your Grahams?   not too long ago I compared a pair of Harbeth 40.3 XD speakers with the gram LS 5/5, with the gram speakers having the Gaia footers. Since only one of the speakers had the footers, i... 
Room EQ Wizard, Audio Output
I just bought a USB C2 RJ-45 ethernet adapter which should work for my Meitner dac  
Room EQ Wizard, Audio Output
Thanks Erik and Neko, Seems like an A/V receiver would do the trick - then I could hook up my speakers to it.  I think it all has to start from room EQ Wizard, can't initiate from Roon.  I'll see if I can scrounge up a receiver. I'm finding this... 
Preamp Recommendation for First Watt F4
@ajant: Not as many as I would like.  The F4 was the first piece of equipment I bought when I was assembling my new system.  I heard so many great things about it and it was very inexpensive by high-end standards.  I ended up purchasing a Pass DIY... 
Grandinote becoming more U.S.A.
Welcome. Based on reviews, I would like to hear your equipment sometime. Perhaps at a show.   
Has anyone tried a linear power supply with a Weiss 204 or 205?
@ddafoe  Can you compare the Meitner MA 3 with the Bricasti 3 and Weiss.  I purchased the Meitner MA 3 after considering the Bricasti and Weiss.  I really like the Meitner because I listen to a lot of classical music and prefer a mid-Hall perspec... 
Who owns / owned a First Watt F4, and what are your experiences with it ?
I have a really nice DIY build that I use sometimes. Sounds great. Doesn’t have any of the things people don’t like about solid state (sterile, analytical, etc.). Runs warm, but not hot. Definitely needs a preamp with lots of gain and one that can... 
Pimping your router
I just put a Ferrum  Hypsos LPS with a LessLoss Marc entropic pc on my mesh node router and the system sounds noticeably better. Less noise, greater detail, greater dynamics. No downside. Obvious on the first track. Crazy hobby.   
Relationship between Ethernet Switch and SQ
Thanks @lalitk and @fastfreight for the Link UP ethernet cable recommendation. I’ve been looking for something good but reasonably priced since I’m just using free cat five cables for now.   
Meitner MA3 vs Mola Mola Makua with DAC installed vs Cambridge Audio Edge NQ
@rdoc, I have an MA3 and just got a pair of AGD Duets. Sounds great!