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Best mp3 song set as ringtone?
"been caught stealing"  Janes Addiction 
Replacing driver screws with brass screws
Not my field but shear velocity in metals is basically the speed of ultrasonic pulses in that metal, or at least its presented that way.  Someone correct me if im wrong.  I think tubing guys care and maybe others like non destructive testing wonks... 
Why high-end cable manufacturers don't post measurements?
Here's some answers.  First, the sort if measurements the OP think will be of use are too simplistic to be of use.  second, measuements that MAY tell something would need to be done across the freq spectrum and all sorts of little things matter an... 
Separates suggestions appreciated
thanks Tim.  gotta say this option resonates with me.  appreciate it.p 
Separates suggestions appreciated
Completely correct Tim. Upgrade totally driven by video. That said if I am changing video I thought I should be able to do better with the audio.  Option 3 was Mr first inclination but I got to thinking about option 1and realized I don't know much... 
Separates suggestions appreciated
Wow lots of info, thanks much.  I'd not even thought of islandmandan's approach.  Oh to answer his questions 4k as in TV (drives me to do something) and like to keep under 2500 USD for the amp(s).Appreciate it. 
HT receiver to separate amp - tips?
You know it had not occurred to me that a pre-pro could be upgraded. I had it in my head that, like the receivers when the new think like 4K comes out that a new unit was required. Options galore!thanks for the advice everyone. 
HT receiver to separate amp - tips?
thanks much for the information and suggestions.   love actionable information!  appreciate it. 
Help needed with PC/DAC
may want to consider turning OS updates off.   dumps my drivers everytime and resets to the realtek card.  annoying.   
What are you using to rip your cds to a hard drive?
one feature that is really nice (YMMV) is the dbPoweramp ability to rip the CD and do multiple things with that rip.  Example we rip and then save as FLAC, mp3 (highish bit rate), and MP3 lowish bit rate for players and phone.  so one rip and 3 di... 
No can understand....
you may want to validate your center channel tweeter is working.  that will muddy things up quite nicely.  try running room correction and if there is a chirp function it will be obvious if there is a problem. 
found some old records. advice please.
thanks very much guys. appreciate it. 
Small Monitors and Book shelves for Rock Music?
since no budget I'd go dynaudio C1 for the expensive and era d5 for the budget. thats $7k to 1K. both stand up to rock much better than you would suspect. good bass on both. both need a bit of room but what the heck you can trade perfect position ... 
What is the best DAC under $3000
i did something similar (ditched CD and build a PC based system) and listened with my speakers, similar amp, and my music to 4 or 5 dacs from 500 to 3600 bucks. two findings for me. first was that all sounded different. did not expect the differen... 
a more recent trend that is only occasionally acknowledged is to make new sports venues loud. Rose garden in portland for example is specially designed to reflect sound fron the stands down to the floor and presumably back. even has panels to lowe...