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Best Recording of Solo Tambourine
The Lemon Pipers had a hit called "Green Tambourine". Although I don't think there is a solo, it still can be heard quite distinctly. 
Pet audiophile peeves - name yours
My biggest complaint is not having enough "TIME" to enjoy the Hifi system(s). 
Please Help How would you grade an antique stereo?
Many people place the value of these in the $100-$200 range. If you follow them on ebay you will never see one sell for over $100, and usually more like $50 or less. If you like it, I would just keep it, you will be only be disappointed if you try... 
Best sounding cd in your collection
I have heard most of the recommendations on here and agree they are all excellent recordings. Thought I would add one that most people probably wouldn't think of, or ever hear. It is Deborah Allen-Delta Dreamland. Overall it is an outstanding reco... 
The Best Midrange in the World Right Now
A speaker company that has been around for a while called "Fried", pronounced "Freed", has great "lifelike" midrange. At least in the ones I have. 
Weirdest Question asked when selling gear?
Reading these posts made me laugh because I know they are true. My experience although not exactly gear was similar to some. I had a bunch of Stereophile Magazines for sale on here, for real cheap, like .50 cents or $1 each, I cannot remember exac... 
If anyone is interested I have drawn-up 6 illustrations of different bi-amping options. Some illustrations are with an active crossover. I really did it for my own understanding, but if you would like them I can send them to anyone. They were draw... 
Good way to dampen tonearm?
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I experimented with various shrinkwrapping on the arm also. It is good as it is easily removed. 
Good way to dampen tonearm?
I successfully dampened (wrapped)a tonearm using tiny foam wrap tape that was either from the dental or medical industry. Internally, the foam earplugs seem to be a good shot. 
Is my ZeroStat Gun Toast ?
Put your finger on the end of the barrel while you are squeezing the trigger, if you get "zapped" it's still good. 
Can anyone tell me what happened?
Did you disconnect and reconnect any interconnects? I once left and came back to a big noise like that, no smoke though, but both of the interconnects were just the teeny-tiniest amount from being totally inserted and it caused it to go into this ... 
Where do you start? Is there any hope?
There is always hope. I have a friend who has assembled some really great sounding systems for under $50 from yard/estate sale components. It's not easy, he gets there before anyone, and there are some risks involved, but it can be a avenue, and p... 
Textured Black Paint: How do I do it?
Those textured finishes you see are provided by powder-coaters. I have gotten a few things done by them over the years. Look in your phone book under powder-coaters, or paint or sheet metal vendors can help you too. A little costly, ours has a $45... 
AR Turntable Gallery Pic of the Week
I think we have found a host for a new show: "Audio- Makeovers"! John can come over and help me anytime! 
Shania Twain Best of... WOW I have always
I don't know how it is on CD because I have only heard it on vinyl but the Dixie Chicks-Down Home release sounds pretty good. You might try some Allison Krause if you haven't yet.