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Record surface noise Right Channel?
I had the same issue last month and it ended up being my Scoutmaster was not balanced correctly. I initially did as Srwooten suggests and checked the anti-skate. After confirming I was ok in that regard, I utilized a level adjusted the feet and wa... 
Balanced preamp tube for Magnepan 3.6 or 20.1
I used the BAT with Maggie 3.6's and thought the sound was very sharp. One dealer told me the BAT sound was solid state sounding, and then said, " Thats Not a Compliment" In addition, I had to run the volume setting on the BAT to very high levels ... 
BAT-VK31se or VK-50SE or LS17?
I used a BAT CK 30SE with my Classe CA-400 into a pair of Maggie 3.6R. I had to run the BAT up to very high settings on the volume control in order to get SPL's in the 90 db range. Assuredly this was partly a function of the speakers, but when I p... 
Why the Blues Really Hit The Spot
Don't forget John Mayall. His 70th birthday concert / celebration recorded live in Liverpool is excellent sonics and an evening to be remembered. I sent a copy of the CD and DVD to Peter Q at Audio Note and he loved it. 
Interconnects for BAT
I second the Stealth PGS. I have the BAT VK 30SE and a Classe CA 400, and run the Balanced PGS between the two, and it really warmed up the sound.Richard 
What song best describes you or your life?
Won't Get Fooled Again- The Who 
Future of this hobby?
I am one of those 40 somethings that you guys are writing about. I would gladly purchase space in one of your audiophile assisted care facilities, providing I can still hear from the Alice Cooper shows I still go to. Both of my boys have systems w... 
upgrde to maggie 3.6 or i.6 with better amplifier
I bought the 3.6's last year and tried to run them with a pair of McIntosh 2125's bridged mono to 240 a side. This was no where near the power/current necessary. I ended up picking up a Classe CA 400 that drives the Maggies really well. That being... 
Where are you from this Christmas..
Merry Christmas From Evansville, Indiana! 
How much does your system retail for?
I agree with others.. Thank God for Audiogon. Mine would retail for around 20,000 for just the two channel side. WOW is that scary or what!! But Albert does make me feel better! 
Speltz Anti-cable needs break-in period?
I ran the Anti-Cables between a Classe CA 400 and a pair of Magnepan 3.6's. I definitely noticed a lack of bass, clarity and soundsage. While this may have come from the Maggies, I never had this issue with my solid Copper 8 gauge. If interested I... 
I live in the Browning Road area of Evansville. Please advise when/where you guys are meeting.