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Busted Polk LSi9 worth keeping?
Oops, just double checked and it is 
Busted Polk LSi9 worth keeping?
Check out:www.VR3.comI have no affiliation what so ever, but have known the owner for sometime.Trey is his name and he mainly does Polk crossovers.Great guy, exceptional work.Polks respond very well to crossover mods.Not my favorite speaker but do... 
Reusing cable for diy?
ST—Hard service cord with all thermoplastic construction, 600V. (PVC)Should work great for a power cable (as is).Or strip the ground out, twist a pair in a tube and use a 12-10ga ground (Counter rotated VH style would be great).You should be reall... 
Nordost Frey vs Audience Au24e interconnect
I have never viewed Nordost as "Bright"."Lean" maybe but detailed and fast.'IMHO Nordost is damn hard to beat.When you combine the fact that Nordost sounds better in say 90% of the systems they are put into, you can see that they bring the "synerg... 
How to remove tarnish from OLD Silver wire?
"I wouldn't remove the tarnish. Silver oxide won't damage the signal, but some of the chemicals you might use to clean it can."Ditto!It is not going to hurt anything to have tarnish on silver conductors. 
Audioquest colorado sound to bright
Correct Hifiman.Here is the principle:DBS 
Power Cord for $50 or less?
This may be long but please read:I bought some DH Labs last week from Sonic Craft, terminated it with Furutech FI-11Cu Male and Ag IEC.Nice cable, but not broken in yet.I own 3 VH Audio Flavor 4's with FI-25 gold on both ends, and a Flavor 1 with ... 
Audioquest colorado sound to bright
I have to agree with Hifiman.Goes to show how system dependent cables are.I love mine (72v), and pretty much got of the IC train after buying the Colorados. 
Can all power cords be classified as 1 of 2 types?
Basically what I do is use a cord "type 1" with "type 2" in the same system, and one works well with the other depending on what component you have them on.Alot of cable swaps (the ones you already have) will show you the way.I have VH Flavor 1 on... 
Dedicated line
12 ga is rated for a 20amp circuit, so you can use it with a 20 amp breaker.10ga is better though IMHO! 
Dedicated line
10ga cryoed Romex from Vh Audio is hard to beat.I would recommend solid core, as I have tried stranded before and there is no comparision, solid core wins hands down for dedicated lines!I think 8ft grounding rod is code, but most electricians use ... 
Need information on Rapport ICs MN 1801
MN-1801:20 strands of Teflon insulated .12mm OFC silver plated wires per conductor.I have not heard the MN-1801, but have had several pairs of the ARR620's (still have a pair) and think they are great bang for the buck.The MN's look to be a step a... 
Brought a new Tweak home today to try out.
You can tell I'm from the south, because I went the redneck route, and cut some racquetballs in half.Work great for me, and you get 3 balls for $2.49 at Wallyworld. 
What is the best power cable under $200.00 retail?
VH Audio. 
Auricle Audio Design encore kapton vs. anti-ICs
I bought 1 dig sig. cable from Joe and upon hearing it, instantly ordered another with a pair of Kaptons, and a pair of ref. jax.The Kaptons are far and away the best sounding IC's I have heard for the money.Joe knows cables, and is an outstanding...