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Buzz in my Martin Logan Sequel II's
Damn! 23 year old panels! I've nearly completed rebuilding my SQL II (started last night and taking a break now). Replacing both woofer, power supplies and panels. If vacumming doesn't work, you can "take a shower" with your sexy panels! lol (it's... 
VPI turntables come with phono cables?
Awesome! That's everyone for making it clear to me as to exactly what I'll need! 
VPI turntables come with phono cables?
Do I only need regular cables like the ones that are used to connect a CDP to an amp, or do I need one of those "Y phono cables" - the kind that have a round plug with multi-pinholes in them? 
JBL L300 Summit vs. Olympus w/S8R system
"I had to sell it because it was just putting out to much SPL Levels in a home situation" - I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but couldn't you just turn the volume knob down? 
Cayin CDT 15A Tube CD Player. Advice Needed
Thanks for the info guys. But what I eventually ended up doing (2 weeks ago) was purchasing a black Jolida JD-100 CDP. 
How do you determine how much to spend on speakers
There is a bigger difference in sound quality/characteristics between speakers than there is between electronics. Therefore, speakers are DEFINITELY where the money must be spent. 
What's the "worst" cdp for the money?
Timrhu, "What would you consider a positive contribution to a purposefully negative thread?"This is an excellent thread! It will help many from making a BAD purchase. It is something I thought of posting myself a few weeks back. 
Please help for performance with low cash......
I agree with Warnerwh: "The Onix XCD-88 is the same player as the Music Hall." You're getting a $500 CDP for only $300!! I've heard absolutely nothing but great things about the MH 
Martin Logan Script as main speakers?
You can try posting your question here: 
Best 5 engineered rock albums?
back on topic...Robbie Robertson's 1988 (I think) solo LP that had that song "Somewhere Down the Crazy River".Can't remember it's name. I have it on vinyl and all my wax is at my cousins house. 
Polk XRt12 XM Tuner
But how is it compared to FM? 
Cayin CDT 15A Tube CD Player. Advice Needed
Any disadvantages with using a power converter?:((((((((((((( 
Cayin CDT 15A Tube CD Player. Advice Needed
I guess no one can help :(Any disadvantages with using a power converter? 
Jolida JD 100. How does it sound?
This unit doesn't have important is that? SHould it stop me from getting this player? 
PrimaLuna ProLogue One versus Two
I'm using the One with my Martin Logan ReQuests. Makes the ML's sing!!