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Ever replace straight wire speaker cable connector
Wow, that it is not what I was expecting the hear. Thank you for the great information. I am so glad I did not attempt this on my own without asking first. I will list them for sale in the near future. thank you again. 
Straightwire crescendo or xlo sig 3 interconnect
I have the Crescendos and love them. I had the Nordost Buldars and they were good, but the Crescendos were more open, extended, and the sound stage was just amazing. I am sorry I have not heard the XLO's. 
klipsch RF-7 loose internal connections?
I just wanted to get the word out to folks that if you have any klipsch speakers, it might be worth checking your connections. My speakers did not sound bad, they just never sounded complete. They now sound complete and amazing. I wanted to ask wh... 
Thiel CS2.4 and suggestion on preamp
I hope you enjoy the cardas. I have always wanted to try them but have had touble finding them used while in the market for some. I have read great reviews for them as I am sure you have as well. Please post your thoughts on them once you use them... 
Thiel CS2.4 and suggestion on preamp
I would consider replacing the tributaries interconnects. I used the silver top modle with locking rcas and was never happy with the sound. While good for the money, I had a hard time with the hard, brittle sound they passed. I know this was not r... 
what to expect with new preamp breaking in?
Thank you all for your input.Pete 
Meridian Owners 502 to G02 an upgrade?
I have just purchased a meridian Go2 and was using the 502 prior to the switch. I felt that they share alot of the same house sound if you will. But the G02 retrieves gobs of detail that the 502 as good as it is, appeared to glaze over. It also of... 
rewire older speaker internal wiring?
Thank you all for your input. Vandermeulen, I will contact you once I have replaced internal wiring for advise with the caps. Pete 
rewire older speaker internal wiring?
thank you all for your thoughts. I would like to explore the caps being replaced, but I have not been able to access the crossover from the inside the speaker box with the drivers removed. The Crossovers are apparently mounted on the front of the ... 
good used speaker
Thank you for all of the helpful input. 
good used speaker
Thank you for the input. I have not gotten out to see what Missouri has to offer in the audio market place. I am not in a good location to audition the items I would like to listen to. I do like the Klipsch RB-75's, I do like vienna acoustic's sou... 
good used speaker
You hit the nail on the head so to speak. I am or have not been blown away by any one aspect of them (Q65's). I have been reseraching Klipsch RB-75's, Vienna acoustics Hayden grands, monitor audio various modles. I would like a smallish floor stan... 
straight wire Maestro and Maestro II signal flow?
Thank you for your response. I contacted Steve from Straightwire (found him here under similar post) and was informed that the cables should be marked. I looked with a high powered surefire flashlight and found the markings as described by Steve. ... 
Marantz pm11s2 ???
I have only seen images under google search. I would like to know what people say about it as well. I currently own the S1 version and love it. 
NAD M3/Marantz PM11
Thank you both for your input. I have been away from this hobbie for a little over a year and I am looking into possible options for starting again. I have only owned separates in the past, meridian 502 had a sound that I really liked, and the Mus...