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PMC EB1i v. Thiel CS3.7 v. Pioneer S1-EX v. ???
I would recommend the Wilson Sophia III. 
Review: Mcintosh MT10 Turntable
Great table!! I'm listening to Neil Young on mine right now drinking a Dos Equis...... 
Again, recommended CDPs for $2K-$3.5K
Mcintosh is shipping a new MCD 201 with a volume control. You can find discussions on audiokharma. List is $3300 and it will also play two channel SACD. 
Speaker upgrade
does anyone have any input on the Thiel 3.7?how about a preamp or CDP? 
Speaker upgrade
any input on preamp and CD player upgrades? 
Speaker upgrade
I meant to say Mac preamp would be an upgrade. 
Speaker upgrade
I appreciate all of the usefull help. I am looking to upgrade my preamp and CD player and am looking at the Mac C200 or C46(among others). As for CD I am less sure but was not planning on a Mac CD player. My experience with subs nasn't been the be... 
Thiel 2.3 / Musical Fidelity A3cr Power Amp ?
I just purchased a pair of 2.3's and I am powering it with a 3.2 amp. My room is 16' x 18' and the amp drives the speakers just fine imo. Actually this seems to be a great combination so far.