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Speaker decision $
"Mystery solved; Monitor Audio for everyone!!!!!!!!!!Throw away all other "2D" crap!!!!!!!!!"Chuckling 
Logitech is discontinuing the Squeezebox line.
Sorry, I saw the other post after I posted this one. I am late to the party. It's a shame they are discontinuing the line. The SB Duet is the most important part of my system and I was holding out on the Touch until a new upgrade. I guess it doesn... 
Thinking about upgrading my digital
Nickjn, you already know my budget and the features I want are those that are in my current system. Thanks for the reply Soinaker01. The only thing keeping me from buying a Touch is that it is a few years old and I'm wondering if Logitech will int... 
Any devices like Squeezbox Touch but handle 192/24
I'm hoping Logitech comes out with a new Squeezebox device that does this. 
Help Me Build a Second System For Less than $10000
Ckoffend are you saying that the Touch DAC is so good that a sub $1000 DAC wouldn't make that much difference is the sound for the better? I know that a $400 DAC with my SB Duet makes a big difference. 
Mini Maggie System hurts to listen to
Put in a higher value resister. My MMG's needed more than the ones supplied as I can recall. They sounded fine after that. 
dac advice
Hi Happynick,I'm in the same boat as you're in. I also have an Audio Mirror DAC. I like it but I'm going to buy a Squeezebox Touch that plays 24/96 files and the Audio Mirror won't do that. Here is an interesting one that I ran across on this foru... 
Vandersteen 2CE Sig II New vs. the older 2CE SigII
Vandersteen 2ce
The only other times I've been as moved as listening to to the 2ce's are when I had Reynaud Twins match with a Decware Zen amp and when I had Magnepan MMG's in a 10 by 10 foot room on the diagonal with a 14 foot ceiling. 
Vandersteen 2ce
Audiobore, I didn't spend much money on these speakers yet they really are fantastic. I get the sparkly details yet as one poster said "the music just flows out of them". I have a pair of 1b's which are nice but these are much better. I'm elated. 
looking for advice on budget subwoofer 
Audiophile speakers that rock well
Mhconley are those Carbon 7 floorstanders in your pictures? 
Audiophile speakers that rock well
Mhconley are those Carbon 7 floorstanders in you pictures? 
Vandie 1c or Maggie MMG?
I've had both and I like the Vandies much better. They have do better all types of music and have a better sound stage. They have a smooth sound with good bass. 
Mirage Omni 350 omnipolar
I have a two channel home theater system upstairs and I moved the 550's up there today. My Lazy-Z-Boy is off the left of the TV about 30 degrees and before today, with conventional speakers, it drove me BANANAS. Every sound that came out of that s...