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OCD mickey website and negativity.
To be clear, I like Mikey and follow him religiously . If he is able to carry sub $5K components, then I will be all over it.  I just do not see myself spending $10K to >$20K++  for one component.  These are just my priorities in life....     I... 
OCD mickey website and negativity.
OCD Mikey is very entertaining to say the least.  He is also very critical of the status quo and the good o' boy network (collusion?)  in the HiFi industry.  He is a disrupter.  However, he does attack certain stores (e.g. Magnolia)  / brands (e.g... 
Need a big favor picking a preamp
Wow.. pre-amp the price of a brand new SUV... NICE !  
Cost Incurred to Achieve a Vinyl LP Replay
Bottom line, spend what you feel comfortable spending, but without sacrificing your retirement funds and plans !  Audio is a negative ROI financially... so only discretionary funds should be used to support this hobby.   
Table,cartridge,phono...where to put most of my money?
For what it is worth, I asked the owner/CEO of a prominent German turntable manufacturer which item in a turntable setup  has the biggest impact on sound quality:  "The Cartridge".  So with this, I would spend at least half on the cartridge and th... 
"Diminishing Returns"
The Law of diminishing returns is alive and well in the audio world. I don’t get spending multi thousand dollars for network streaming or DACs or turntable or worse, cables !... when for my ears, sub $1K equipment is ’good enogh’ For those that ar... 
I believe the 'hate' is more to being uninformed or worse...  I am not wiling to pay stratospheric prices (e.g. $10K network streamers, $10K speakers etc) but I have no issue with people willing to pay that. It's their own monies.   This is called... 
Anyone buy one yet? Thoughts?
I have the utmost respect for Alvin of Vinshine.. However, without supporting some of the more mainstream streaming services, it doesn't seem to do much ??. At least he is transparent about it,  up front !!!  
Good Suggestions for Tube Amps under 6k
So many options out there...   I ended up with the Rogers Hi Fidelity integrated for way under $6K !!!  It's a SET AMP, Class A, can replace between KT88 and EL34's auto bias.  Low power though, like no more than 10 wpc...  My other choice would ... 
DAC Compatible with PS Audio SACD Transport
Any of the Denafrips DAC that has I2S would be my go-to DAC... I belive it is all configurable. as I2S pinouts are not standardized.  Alvin Chee of Vinshine audio is a great guy to work with.   BTW, I am under the impression that PSAudio's SACD ... 
Expensive Dac to keep or cheaper and change overtime
@grahams248 One word of caution with PSAudio DACsis its I2S pinouts are not configurable which means to play DSD layer of SACDs, you have to have PSAudio’s transport. There are DSD capable DACs with I2S (over HDMI, over RJ45 etc) that are configur... 
Why is everyone so down on MQA?
I am a firm believer in letting the free market decide.... eventually those that have poor value propositions will just disappear !  It's capitalism at its best.   
When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
It is so subjective....  Double Blind testing is the only fair way of doing an honest assessment so as to eliminate any biases.    
Schiit Audio
Email responses can take a few days...  Great value at amazing price points, and Made in the USA !  Ticks all the right boxes for me.    
Which sounds better: I2S or Coax.
My understanding of I2S especially for SACD playback is there is no industry standard hence some manufactures of I2S capable DACs built in some configurability of their I2S pinouts (in this case, I think HDMI).  SACD DSD playback with I2S seems so...