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Static on turntable
+1 for the ZeroStat. I use it on every record and again when I flip sides. Works like a charm.   
Tube amps under $7500
+1 for Rogue Audio. Loving the Cronus Magnum 3 dark edition. I have it in silver.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Watched Chad Kassem's recent video on his top 10 jazz albums to demonstrate quality recordings and his system (found here: and it motivated me to stream Louis Armstrong's Satchmo Plays King Olive... 
Are there other people like me ? Amazed by their low cost system :)
"And BTW, who is this Jay guy you are referring to?" @yogiboy I think he must be referring to a reviewer on YT who posts videos as Jay's Iyagi. For example:    
The $10,000 Question
Alta Audio Alyssa paired with Rogue Cronus Magnum iii dark edition (upgrade) would put you right around your target number. Joseph Audio would be a great choice too except their current stand mount offering, the Pulsar 2 Graphene, is $10k. I found... 
Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
Apologies if this blues man is well known to all you blues lovers, but recently I've discovered Marquise Knox, born in 1991 and released his first album, Man Child, at age 19. Thanks for starting this thread, look forward to sampling some of these... 
Tube Integrated Amp Recommendation
Consider the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum iii Dark edition. Here's a June 2023 Absolute Sound review describing the musicality of the regular, non-Dark upgraded version: 
Help with speaker selection
You may want to check out the Joseph Audio Perspective 2 Graphene. I haven't heard them but I run a pair of Joseph Pulsars and RM22si mk.2, and love them. I have no connection at all to Joseph Audio but their speakers consistently blow me away at ... 
Lowest priced MC thats better than a Premium MM?
The Hana ML was on 20% sale from $1,200 to $960 before 12/31. It might be worth calling a few stores to see if they'll give you the sale price. I bought one at the sale price but haven't yet set it up. See, e.g.,