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Being alone with your music
When I'm serious about listening to my favorite music; it's by myself.  I truly enjoy how music makes me feel and where it takes me emotionally.  I love that I can change the artist or type of music on a whim without having to worry that someone e... 
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
Music affects everybody differently.  For me, I'm constantly searching for new artists on Tidal every week.  I still enjoy all the music I've accumulated from the 60's and onward, but I know there's still many great songs to be heard....and I've b... 
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
* Aimee Mann * Sarah McLachlan * Ann Wilson  
Only two tracks to test your system, forever!
Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath Lissie - Nothing Else Matters  
Best DACs under $7,000.00
An awesome DAC is the Bricasti M1SE!  Read the review in Stereophile!  In the used market you can usually find one below $6K.  I'd also recommend the Chord Hugo TT2!  Both are in your price range!   Good luck and enjoy!  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
The Record Shop in Youngstown, Ohio.  I borrowed money from my Dad and purchased a Sony TC-200 reel to reel tape deck in 1965.     
Bookshelf speakers on a bookshelf (Sad)
Look into Aerial 5T bookshelf speakers.  These speakers were designed to be placed close to a back wall.  Read the reviews.  The look and finish are beautiful.  Cost is around 4K depending on finish.  Good luck with your search?  
Best speakers for a small room
Check out Aerial 5T bookshelf speakers!  These speakers are front ported so you can use them against a wall if desired.  A well balanced sound!  Price is around $4K.  Read the online reviews!  
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Love Is All Around - R.E.M. Solitary Man - Sidewinders Bus Stop - Fountains of Wayne Natures Way - Firefall Twelve-Thirty - Autoliner  
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
The Bricasti M1 SE is an awesome sounding DAC for around 9K!  Also, a used Chord Dave would be an excellent choice in your price range!  Check out the reviews for both units!       
My last Integrated Amp: $5-10,000?
Bryston B135 cubed integrated.  The cost for a new unit is less than 7K and it has a great warranty!  Extreme clarity and detail!  Highly recommended!   
Vinyl Repair?
There's nothing worse than dropping a mint copy of an album onto the floor as it hits something on the way down.  You can attempt to clean it up; but usually it will never sound the same.  Just go on Ebay and purchase a new sealed album, many are ... 
Intergrated Amp suggestions for B&W 805d4
Look into the Bryston B135 cubed integrated amplifier.  It's an excellent amplifier with a very transparent sound, plenty of power and has a great manufacturer's warranty.  Depending on how much you want to spend; you could also get the earlier B1... 
What song have you played the most?
Cry Baby Cry - The Beatles; from the White Album. 
What Integrated Amp do You use
Bryston B135 Cubed.  It's an amazing sounding unit!