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Is it worth replacing a Lumin D2 with an Eversolo dmp-a6 Master Edition?
At the same price point Lumin beats Aurender on every aspect. Eversolo? I don't know. The cheesy look does not suggest a good start.  
Music streamer capable 24/96 PCM output on DSD files
Curious if ifi ZEN Stream does it. The specs are not too detailed.  
Distorted 24-bit/192kHz PCM using iFi Zen One Signature DAC?
Does anybody know if the Zen Stream can output over SPDIF DoP in 24/96 format? My DAC accepts max 24/96 and need to listen to my DSD files on external SS drives. Thanks.  
IFI ZEN Streamer
Question to ifi Zen Stream owners/users. My DAC is a max 24/96. Can I play my DSD files using this streamer and my DAC? Is there a conversion down to 24/96? Should be in their app I guess. Thanks.  
Aurender N100 internal hard drive or USB external drive?
Does the folder structure on the donor hard drive have to be a specific one before copying onto the internal drive? Aurender is very vague on this in their user manuals.  
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
Thanks for the inputs. Very probably I'll choose Meridian DSPs.  
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
Yogiboy did you miss the first post regarding search criteria?  
Full range speakers, 40"-44" max height
In this constrained category I only heard Wilsons and Meridian. And they sounded fantastic. I do not want to go into deep theory, absolutely no time for that, I leave it to the manufacturers. To me as an end user, the only thing that matters is th... 
Yet another Integrated vs Separates advice post
Flexibility of separates does not mean better sound in any possible way. Just adds more complexity to an already complex hifi situation. A preamp has to be paired very well with a power amp and that can't be done better than in a quality integrate... 
Focal Electra 1038be owners,
What I'm using with the 1038be are the mono blocks PS Audio M700. These are excellent and powerful class D amps, going very well with the Focals. But, as you know, both are modern kits, the clarity is phenomenal, bass is there, highs as good and m... 
McIntosh C2500 digital inputs preference
On mine the USB input is enabled, works fine.Did not buy either the C2500 for the DAC, but it's not bad at all.This preamp is the most flexible in it's category and I'm utilizing it actually to almost to its full potential.Just want to sort out la... 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
I’m using almost all the inputs and who can even remember the order of them. It’s frustrating the least at this price level, very amateurish. 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
Guys, please, in case you have a tv, watch a preferred music dvd or bluray, nothing else. The "news" channels are the virus, nothing else. And use deliberately the red button on that tv remote after watching that music program.Simple question, for... 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
Trinidad & Tobago.What a question. 
Bespoke Loudspeaker Company
I don’t have ear canals, my ears are digital.