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Upgrade from BluNode 2i with a new DAC or Integrated Streamer DAC?
From my watching of the Denafrips DAC world, the Venus doesn't pop up on the used market very often and the used prices reflect that.  The Ares and Pontus show up more often with the Pontus II models (and even some of the 12th) beginning to come d... 
Has anyone abandoned stereo for atmos for music?
I have a dedicated 2 channel and a dedicated 5.1.4 setup and purchased my first SACD surround when DSOTM came out to sell multichannel surround mixes.  As should be expected, the experience is entirely based on the source material and the setup. ... 
Art Blakely & The Jazz Messengers Caravan (2024 Remaster) - anyone heard it?
Thanks, the asking price on HDTracks is pretty small compared to what some recordings go for, but I really wanted to understand what I would be getting, if the remaster was good or bad.    
Advantages with an outboard power supply
The external LHY LPS for the Bluesound N130 makes a difference to my ears.  
Bluesound "upgrade" 4.0
No issues using v4.0 from day one on either the N130 or the iPhone.  
Bluesound recent update 4.0 tanked sound quality ???
I updated to the new FW and SW on launch day and thought I heard a difference immediately after doing so.  However, after multiple days of listening, I don't think this is the case.  I'm using an N130 with an upgraded power supply and analog outs ... 
Anyone buy one yet? Thoughts?
Alvin makes the limitations of the unit very clear multiple times in the video, so I do have to give him credit for that.  It seems like their target market is quite small for the amount of time, effort, and resources that have gone into this devi...