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Woofer pumping WHY??
You are getting rumble. You need a phono preamp with rumble filter. You can damage speakers without it. Too much acoustic feedback.....PT 
Stage III Concepts Power Cords PC
There are many links in a system which can be the "weak link" so to fully appreciate these spectacular power cords, be sure the rest of the system is in order. Otherwise, they will not be fully utilized. 
Stage III Concepts Power Cords PC
The Trans power cords were about 2k fitted with Furutech ends. You must ask for them as they are not "officially released" and no pics etc. yet. They are flexible, almost the size of the Kraken. 
Stage III Concepts Power Cords PC
The Trans is a Power Cord designed for amps, and higher current demanding equipment, and the Olos is the preamp/cd/DAC power cord from VH Audio. I have used his Flavor 4 cords in the past, and felt they were very good performers, and hard to beat ... 
Stage III Concepts Power Cords PC
I auditioned the Kraken vs VH Audio Trans ( blinded), and two of the 3 listeners preferred the VH Audio. It was very close, but the Trans just had better detail and more precise image outlines. Tonally, very close. Transients went to the Trans, by... 
What is the best OTL out there?
If your wattage needs are modest, less than 20wpc, the new Music Reference OTL is absolutely amazing. Heard it a week ago on loan from Vaughn Loudpeakers. Get the one upgraded witb Eichman posts. Must be heard to be believed....The Atma are no-bra... 
Wife stepping on speaker wire
Buy her some very high heels and usually one good ankle twist does the trick.....would have been a great gift today. Try flat cables or put a throw rug over them. PT 
Original VPI Aries vs VPI classic 3
I had the original Aries with JMW 10 arm, and it is a great combination, but no match for the Classic 3. The 3 is faster, far more dynamic, much bigger stage, and better in just about every way....except price... PT 
Aesthetix Atlas or Bryston. Great matches. 
Pass Labs XA60.5 with Magnepan
Power is marginal. At least 300wpc is ideal into 4 ohms. This gives plenty of headroom and allows some padding. PT 
Best High End Audio Manufacturer???
Too vague of a question......-best sonically-best customer service-best in terms of reliability-best in cost to sonic benefit ratio-best looking-best measurementswe need some criteria to determine a "best" 
Are my speakers now the "weak link"?
Your speakers still have much more to reveal if fed by different gear.PT 
Any JBL 1400 Synthesis Array owners
I just tried the Quicksilver Silver mono, similar to the new Silver 88, and the match is very synergestic. Great bottom end control and extension. Eventually I will try all 4 of them. Just very well matched. PT 
Any JBL 1400 Synthesis Array owners
I am using a 70 wpc tube amp which seems to be coasting. I have tried EH kt88 and Gold Lions, more detail with EH, more body and warmth with GL. I like both. Next week is the 90wpc V-Caped Quickies. After that, 100 wpc MFA TRIODES. Bass with the t... 
Any JBL 1400 Synthesis Array owners
I am quite taken by the lack of color, and effortless dynamics. I compared them with the WP6, and found the JBL better in many ways. They are real sleepers. I will have to try out some Pass gear. I have always have liked his gear. PT