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Butcher Block Adjustable Speaker Stands
  Very good. I did the same thing years ago with heavy bowling alley pieces I got very cheap and made my own adjustable stands for tweeter height. Makes a difference.  
Do Paradigm studio 60v5 and 100v5 use the same tweeters?
  OK, thank you,my 60V5's in excellent condition just concerned about replacement divers if needed. I'll look into the tweeter upgrade. 
Favorite Guitar Solo
Another fan here. Frank Zappa Watermelon in Easter Hay. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
  Zodiac Cosmic Sounds.I bought it in the late 60's loved it.Now I see it's been reissued on vinyl and CD.Electra records.Upgraded to a mint original stereo LP maybe 5-6 years ago as my original worn out loaded with noise.Still captivates me over ... 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
   The Beatles Something New album.I loved it,man does that bring back memories.Over 50 years ago!Think I paid like a $1.89 for it on sale.I remember 45's were 69 cents.And the junk bin of 45's 39 cents.So an LP for 2 bucks a good deal. 
Subwoofer failure
My old M+K needed a refoam job.My first attempt with one of those $20. kits.I got a little scary watching the glue set up faster than thought but I just kept massaging the cone up and down like they said and it works perfect. 
Best $40 I've spent...maybe ever
  I treat my all inputs and outputs with Gold every few months. It must be the Gold not the red. I can hear improvements on almost all my components. Best 30 or 35 bucks every spent here for tuneup every few months.A bottle last years. 
Considering getting a CD player (again). Used? New? Criteria?
I just bought a new Tascam CD-RW900MK11 for $300.I wanted it mainly as CD recorder but was surprised it's a good transport also with my Bryston DAC.For 300 bucks new at Sweetwater a pretty good deal and it records rewritable CDRW's. 
Has anyone tried Brass cartridge mounting screws?
  Dorkwad,that is very interesting with your speaker screws.I have the Pete Riggle bronze tone arm VTA adjuster on my tonearm,made a difference. 
Has anyone tried Brass cartridge mounting screws?
  Chakster I think you are right.When I loosed the stainless screws they were not that tight.The brass screws I got look like same style as Sound Smiths,maybe smaller.  
Has anyone tried Brass cartridge mounting screws?
 I just bought a set of screws off ebay from the UK.I notice quite a difference in midrange and bass but I had to put the counter weight back further on the tone arm to compensate for the extra weight so I really don't know if it was the screws.An... 
Good reason to retain my 40 year old Crime of the Century UHQR?
I have the standard MOFi and would never consider selling it but it's not worth anything near yours.I'm always trying new upgrades on my turntable and system and my records sound better than played a few years ago so I keep my LP's as they could s... 
Most annoying song, period.
Grama got run over by a reindeer.Lou Monte? That song so over played on Holidays. 
Does your CD player not play all the way to the end of the album?
  Yes I did on my old Denon 1520.Pat Metheny Secret Story would not start up or play at the end.I bought 3 CD's thinking the CD's were defective until my brother said it's the CD player couldn't read that long.I switched over to one of my Alesis M... 
Any advice on buying quality vinyl
Voiceofvinyl,agree with just about everything you say.The red shaded dog RCA living stereo's are the most frustrating to clean,it would be interesting to compare our cleaning results out on the track.Most of mine play quiet only after extensive 4 ...