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20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017
OK sorry I missed that. I`ve heard of such "scientific" blind tests before and don't care to read their reports because I`m 101% confident that I hear clear differences between different amps, preamps, sources etc.They probably used some muffled s... 
Powering DALI Euphonia ms5, Pass Labs X350.8 vs. McIntosh MC452?
McIntosh and Pass are two quite different flavors. First being more laid back and latter more transparent. Plenty of descriptions if you search here older posts. No experience with Dalis but I`d choose Pass any day over Mac. 
Help ... Totally stuck (subwoofer topic)
Why you want to run your precious signal to mains through the sub? No wonder the sound becomes thin and unengaging. The shorter the signal path the better the sound. I have F112 and run everything direct from preamp outputs.If you don`t use stand... 
20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017
I have a huge respect for Nelson Pass. I have owned many of his amps and still own X250.5. I`ve also had Aleph 0 but don`t recall such statement in the manual. Generally I agree with his statement but if the amp is worth it will be serviced afte... 
A litlle help for choice of speakers up to €5500 (used or new)
Yep the price is not too good to be true for these Sophia's so it may be a legit seller. It certainly is worth to ask more pictures/proof etc. before a long trip. 
20 Year Old Amplifiers compared to 2017
Great example is FM Acoustics from early 80-s. Why are these so highly demanded despite the age and mighty price tag? There`s got to be a reason :)) 
Need recommendation for amplifier
For the price I suggest to find a used pass x series and be done with it. 
A litlle help for choice of speakers up to €5500 (used or new)
As a side note I feel I need to warn that the websites you mentioned plus many other European marketplaces are full of scammers who put up stolen pictures of someones equipment, list these and fish for easy money.I`ve seen my own listing pictures ... 
Goldenear Reference Vs. Focal Sopra #2.....pocket the $5k difference and don't look back?
Focals are very revealing and demanding speakers. They can shine gloriously with good recordings and right upstream components but also they will ruthlessly bring out all the nasties of mediocre (rock) recordings and/or shortcomings in upstream ge... 
jmcgrogan2,Absolutely agree!I had several Esoteric players/combos over the years. Yep, the transport work is probably the best available (at least theoretically), but they`re missing something.... The output of all I A/B compared will clearly fa... 
Monitor Audio Platnium II
Hello Bo,Please be so kind to PM me!Best Plutos 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
Depending on the post count it seems that fuse is the most important component in any audio system.........................................................L.M.A.O. 
Anyone actually compared Marantz SA-10 to their older ref. players like SA7S1, SA-1 or CD-7 ?P.S. Personally I don`t like the SA-11 look of SA-10. Seems the newer, the more options, bur lesser quality. 
Pass Labs
juke4u,I`m not a rich at all.......:=)) The way to true S.O.T.A audio lays not only in money. My tip is: Demo as much as you can, then choose your brands/house sound, then try pick a top of the line classic pieces of these (newer=usually lesser q... 
Monitor Audio Platnium II
Richerd1,I`m based on Europe so Wilsons and other beautiful US speakers are basically very expensive and hard to find a dealer/demo here.I suppose that you probably prefer Sopra or Utopia to PLII?I live in a log house and I also want the best ban...