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Which amp for B&W 802 Matrix series 3
Mac + B&W = HEAVEN Using a vintage 200w/ch. Mcintosh MC2205 with my B&W Matrix 802s3. Wow never thought it could be so good. Beat 90% of the sound at AXPONA audio show. ARC LS-7 preampby Poloman 
Mcintosh Amps w/ B&W 801'S
Mac + B&W = HEAVEN Using a vintage 200w/ch. Mcintosh MC2205 with my B&W Matrix 802s3. Wow never thought it could be so good. Beat 90% of the sound at AXPONA audio show. 
B&W 803 Nautilus -HELP
Whats the latest? Its now 2012 8 yrs later. 
Review: B&W 802 Speaker
These Babies are still my favorite speaker. Had the Xover capaciters upgraded and the soundstaging and imaging are scary good. Bass is incredible and the sweet airy treble is amazing. Im now using a Mcintosh MC2205 which mates very well with the B... 
B&W Nautilus 800.....where's the bass?
I have B&W Matrix 802 series 3 with a Classe amp and an ARC tube linestage. I get incredible bass and slam. Im very happy. And yes, the music touches my soul. Anyone in the Long Island area is welcome to come and take a listen. 
B&W 801D or 802Ds
801's are not made now only the 800D and 802D are made. Thats why you cant find them. 
B&W Matrix 802 series 2 vs series 3 vs ATC SCM40
This is an old thread by now. Did you get the speakers of your choice. I can say I have the Matrix802s3 and very happy I rebuilt the Xovers . Bass and slam is there with a very deep and wide soundstage. use SS amp and Tube pre. very exciting sound... 
I have a pair of B&W Matrix 801 S3 with a non play
undo the binding post cup on the back of the spkr, and check the wire attatchments inside, tighten the nut on the back of the binding posts inside. easy enuff to do start there. check your amp too, L&R replace the spkr wires to check. 
B&W 801 crossovers
Replacing the caps do wonders and a relatively cheap fix. Bypassing the APOC in the tweeter is another option. Series 3 did away with that. Are they on stands? The soundanchor dedicated stands really open up and cleanup the sound and bass. Also us... 
recapping X-over B&W 802 series III
Mine are AMAZING!! Highly recomended. 
B&W 802 Diamond Stands
Try widening the speakers for a bigger sounstage, if you can. 8' on center is good. Go incrementally till you get there checking the central image with a good CD. Listen to Caverna Magica by Andreas Vollenwieder 1st track amazing soundstaging, and... 
B&W 801 crossovers
Which model and series 801? Matrix? See my crossover upgrade thread. 
Review: Audio Research LS-12 Preamplifier
ARC is a fine company I have an LS-7 , 4 6dj8's upgraded from an Adcom 565 pre. what a difference. But if your going for tube sound and ARC, go for a real tube line stage. They said the old LS-3 solid pre was great. So you have to compare. Im happy 
Personal speaker evolution
For main system;Fisher XP-56xCerwin Vega 24Polk Moniter 10BB&W Matrix 802s3. Fisher and CV spkrs long gone.Plus many more in the house;Polk RTi8 for the bedroomPSB image 2b, 2 pair one pair for theater L/R surround, 1 pr. in the living roomB&a... 
B&W 802 Diamond Stands
Oh and 8' apart for speakers is usually about the norm. any feedback on distance between spkrs in other systems? Let us know. My room is 18x20 with another 13' behind it with a 10' opening so more like 18x33.