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Rose RS250 Streamer/Dac?
Thank you I’ll try that. Seems pretty easy   
Rose RS250 Streamer/Dac?
   Hi guys, does someone know how to transfer music from bluesound vault to rose250 or 150 ????    Im not computer geek, as far as I know bluesound is base on Linux and rose is kind Android 😟 l have a lot cd ripped on vault.....    lm planing to... 
Class A: Accuphase vs Pass Labs house sound?
A30 or A48 are just little door to real big sound Accuphase  ladder . You just paying for logo only and you will be only satisfied that you own Accuphase brand.  Because Accuphase good sound starts from at least A50V and up power amps and c2800 up... 
Preowned Wilson Audio Chicago Dealer
I don’t know person. But I do know Wilson speakers and agree , they are junk not worth the money even used one , that’s why there is so many for sale. Happy new year to everyone   
World's Best Speakers For 2021 ?
Hi I'm now on search speaks , and need help  . My opinions are. Because we can claim them best in the world . Thank you.... sasha daw avalon time  focal scala         
For SACD fans only
Streaming is like kiss lady trough glass door 😀 
Streamer/Server to replace Innuos Zenith
I didn’t read entire talk because usually mention the same servers over and over, except one like rose 150 or 250 ...... anybody out there can say something about it??????just curious opinions  
Is this an right time to buy hifi?
Yep , Nobody is cheating about anything welcome in  perfect world!!! And vaccine will resolve everything, we will be all like kind of zombies , and won’t need any more audio , bitcoin? Welcome in matrix5😀 
Finally found THE SPEAKER!!!
Made in USA!!! like election 😀 
Does it annoy you when companies don't show the internals of electronics ?
If equipment price is $500 and it looks inside like someone shovel up elements and had to step up on top plate to be able to close it, but sound Is like 15k I take it. But if this is opposite I’m not taking it. I believe that things like that are ... 
If you stream music from the internet, I can't recommend this more highly
As I say personally I don’t trust streaming, that’s why I don’t go this direction too deep. Just saying 🙂my opinion. Try coax instead optical  
If you stream music from the internet, I can't recommend this more highly
Hi , didn’t read all trough, but  no one asked what is your entire system?by the way I don’t like stream so much, I like to get up and flip record and look harder  for music I like . my personal thing 🙂 just saying  
Speaker upgrade
I own Wilson Sophia I was happy with my system  , after I audition Rockport Cygnus I couldn’t erase that sound from my head and I just had to stopped listening my equipment for a month to adjust my self to the previous state . Rockport that’s it!!... 
Should I use long interconnects, or long speaker cables?
Turntable problem ......... that’s only it.......recommended better tt.  
Dedicated Vinyl system next upgrade?
1. Speakers 2. table3. cartridge