Responses from porziob

Replacement transport for the Audio Research CD1
It used the Philips CDM 12. 
Wise audio aphorisms
An unemployed comedian is nobody's fool. 
Audyssey SE - Questions
Previous experience w/ Audyssy revealed a tendancy to give false polarity readings if one or more speakers are near a room boundary. Again, no free lunch. 
Replacement for adcom 535II?
If you can only afford $300, get the Adcom repaired. Getting a Rotel is a sideways move. 
Damping factor or watts?
The claim that high wattage combined w/ high damping factor is expensive is an urban legend. 
Care and Treatment of Wood Speaker Cabinets
Old English lemon oil works fine. You don't need much. A little dab will do you. 
What are the effects of cable ties?
As long as the cables are shielded, both audio & video, you can use cable ties all day long. Don't over tighten. 
CD Dead??
It's another opinion. I wouldn't make funeral arrangements just yet. 
Best Speaker Cable Terminations
One could make a case for locking banana plugs. 
Vintage Mcintosh Speakers - your thoughts?
Those Mac spkrs. need the Mac equalizer. They'll tax severely, if not kill, any Fisher 500 unless you listen @ low levels. 
Need budget CHEAP speaker cables
Any 10 or 12 Ga. wire will work fine, contrary to audio myth. 
tube Watts vs solid state Watts
It isn't. Contrary to audiophile myth WATTS ARE WATTS. It makes no difference whether they are tube or SS watts. They all measure the same. 
3 or 5 channel amps but using only 2 channels?
As long as a channel has no input, it matters not that it has no output. This covers 99.99% of the SS amps available. 
How to determine wear on a stylus?
A microscope w/ 200X magnification. Some good audio stores had them prior to the CD onslaught. One would think w/ the mega buck T/Ts, their dealers would invest in one. After several stylus replacements or retippings, it would pay for itself.n 
Best Source For Quality Jazz CDs?
reference recordings.com is another.