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10 questions about computer audio
Thanks for posting that link. 
I'm semi pro,with an undergrad minor in piano.The paycheck comes from refining raw data.My Marantz front end feeds a pair of Maggie 1.6s. For serious listening, I use Grado headphones.Soon,I'll have to move and the Maggies will get a good local ho... 
internet music same for any tuner?
Two good classical internet classical "stations" are and Bartok radio. Goggle both. They are both MP-3 steams. At work,for casual listening,I use WinAmp,and for what it is;an MP-3 feed,it is OK.My understanding is that if y... 
Peavey or Behringer?
Thank you all. 
Internet radio stations that sound really good
Dnewhous:I'm listening to Bartok Radio Budapest right now. Thanks for the link. 
Internet radio stations that sound really good 
All time favorite speaker cables
While the bright orange cords may have merit with some speaker-amplifier connections,in my system,the sound is too citrus like.I use 16 gauge heater cord;they are brown.Yes,I know brown is technically orange,but the heater cord imparts a darker so... 
Wife wants a black faced receiver to replace Rotel
Someone mentioned how they alternate between silver and black. The car companies do that between curved and angular bodies to make cars look old after a few years.I would get a well ventilated cabinet for the electronics,and make sure it fits the ... 
Who is your favorite jazz pianist
Art Tatum 
Build my own speakers?
I have Maggie 1.6s,but I have almost ordered this kit.These speakers seem similar to the North Creek kits-which have been discontinued. 
Build my own speakers?
Look over this site.Browsing their catalog,you will find drivers,crossovers,individual parts and components,**books that tell you how to design speakers,and **a crossover service-tell them what you have in mind,and they will use a software program... 
Name your favorite sax solo.
Here are a few more.Sonny Rollins with Elvin Jones and others,in a Live Village Vanguard recording of "Four".John Coltrane playing soprano sax on "My Favorite Things." 
Music to evaluate Speakers and System
General:I agree with others. Use something you've listened to a hundred times or more.Specific:Timbre,an a capella choir. The Robert Shaw Chorale comes to mind. Human voices are the most complex things to reproduce.Second choice,a string quartet.I... 
Smallest room dimensions for good bass to 20hz
This is only anecdotal;I'm not a physicist.The lowest note a string bass plays is 41hz,which works out to about 29 feet,so the half wave would be about 15 feet.With the exception of some organ pipes,most reproduction at 20 hz would be difference t... 
does anyone sharpie thier CD's???
Yeah,but the devils dance better and they dress sharpeer.