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Convert MP3 file to WAV in Mac Mini
There are some cases where only mp3s are available -- such as long out of print (& out of license issues perhaps) album that is "out there" in mp3 only, or certain bootleg cuts (legal issues aside) that exist in mp3 only. Is there any way to "... 
.wav to .flac conversion using MAC OS X
There's also another free OS X program called "X Lossless Decoder", or XLD. I have never had to convert wav. to flac so don't know if the metadata will be preserved, but for general conversion or splitting ape with cue tracks it is great. 
Apple's FrontRow and DAC question
Thank you to everyone who replied. I'll also give Airfoil a try. 
Apple's FrontRow and DAC question
Thanks. Just to be extra-clear, both of you are using Front Row in Mac OS X Leopard, not Tiger? 
Mac Mini used as a D/A converter
Do a google search for "LineIn for Mac OS X". It is freeware. 
iTunes download formats?
musicgiants dot com has full resolution downloads, many of them not DRM. They stock music from major labels, so that's also a plus. 
Mac Leopard, iTunes, apple lossless best backup
Just an FYI, SuperDuper is not yet compatible with Leopard, though I suspect it will be soon. 
An audiophile DVD burner ??
If you edit the question as "An audiophile computer DVD-R/RW drive?" you may get a better response. I too thought you were asking about stand-alone. Audioasylum's PC Audio section may also have some answers. Sorry to answer your question with a qu... 
Music Server vs. PC vs. Transport vs. ?
Sammie, may I ask what the rest of your setup is like? i.e. (1) are you saving the music on a separate external hard drive? (2) how is the digital signal from your MacBook transferred to a DAC (assuming you're using one) (3) are there any delays a... 
would usb sound better than a sound card
Splaskin,Thanks for the correction - I don't have Leopard yet so I did not know that. More reason to upgrade. :) 
would usb sound better than a sound card
Gotsouldr, if you plan to buy a new Mac, then it will come with the "Leopard" OS. If you have an older Mac or plan to buy an older, used Mac, then it may come with Tiger or Panther. Regardless, you should be able to run the latest iTunes with it. ... 
iTunes problem
Why is it crashing your iPod? Too many songs for the iPod? You can probably check off the option to "auto-sync" with iPod option on iTunes to prevent it from trying to load the iPod every time it's connected. 
PC-Audio vs. High-end CD Player-GAME OVER
Alex,Sorry to see you go. But it is interesting that you think memory chips may be in the future after all. I am sure that a big part of your design strengths will equally translate well into PC-based systems. I don't need to remind you that as a ... 
PC-Audio vs. High-end CD Player-GAME OVER
I believe the arguments are two-tracked:1. Will the PC/Mac download + DAC system kill the CD?2. Does the high-end PC/MAC setup kill the high-end CD player? 2.1. Does it kill (or comparable to) the APL NWO?Now, Alex of APL is making both general re... 
PC-Audio vs. High-end CD Player-GAME OVER
I still believe that in most, not highest-end budget situations, the PC-Audio will sound better than comparable CD Players. I am just not willing to extend that logic to "PC will beat any high-end CDP any time" simply because I have not heard enou...