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What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?
To my opinion, high end stereo should be looked at with two aspects: high end + stereo. High end is for someone with a lot of money to spend. Being put at a fancy room for appearance appreciation. Stereo is stereo sound for all of us to listen to ... 
Moving on after van den hul
I have both the Calibri and a EMT JSD 6. Both with different character and I could live with both. I play solo, and light music with Calibri, but when it comes to symphony, I must put the EMT on the vinyl. With both, I could enjoy a whole spectrum... 
Cello audio Palate or Suite still worth buying?
I am using Suite, and have a 1Mohm on the side. Suite is a well balanced pre. Comparing to the current name branded pre on the market, it is still up front in sonic. Would not regret to get one! 
Cello Audio Palette/EQ
I have a Suite, but don't own a audio Pallete for I think it is priced too high. After researching for a Class A eq, I decided to give Avalon AD2055 a trial. It works fine. Although it is not as fansy as Pallete, 4 parametric adjustment vs 6, Aval... 
DCS 1394 problem
finally 1394 cards are replaced with new ones and units are working fine. I am looking for the small card that is attached to the rear chasis. If avialble, please email.Thanks. 
DCS 1394 problem
anyone with an used working 1394 card available? 
DCS 1394 problem
Please let me know who service DCS in the US. Any information? 
DCS 1394 problem
My situation is not the same. I could see the Verdi is playing fine thru its display. Tracking is not jump. It seems that the data is not picking up by the Delius. Delius displays "search.." at all time. 
DCS 1394 problem
I have set Delius as Master for clock. I have also try to connect Verdi with Delius alone thru 1394. It plays SACD for about 1 hour. All of a sudden without any reason, Delius starts to play intermittenly. Couple of hours later, Delius shows "sear... 
OK all you Infinity RS 1A/1B Beta speaker owners..
Do anyone could send me a user manual (pdf)? I bought a pr used and having problem with the crossover. Thankx. 
What to drive my RS 2b's Infinity
I have problem find a user manual to connect my rs 1b which I bought them used. Anyone can help!!!!!!!!!!!!