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Which 12AX7 Tube?
Try to get a Sylvania black plate 5751 for the center tube. It's the best I have heard in mine. 
Any comments on Walker High Def Links???
I was talking with Oliver at Delve Audio about these and he suggested that the new Orthospectrum speaker network boxes are much more effective. Their white paper says the OS devices prevent the signal from returning back down the line towards the ... 
Best interconnect for Sony SCD-1 w/ss
Nordost Blue Heaven sounds pretty good also. 
Placette Audio Volume Control
I am using an older model Placette passive with 5 input option. It is very transparent and does not really have a sonic signature. It takes some time to realize how good it really is as it is extremely neutral, very revealing, and somehow sounds m... 
Best place to buy high-end in Michigan..
In Michigan, try Ensemble in West Bloomfield or Audio Dimensions in Royal Oak. Both of these are just north of Detroit and are listed in the yellow pages. Ensemble specializes in Levinson and BAT while Audio Dimensions has Audio Research and Theta. 
Sony SCD777ES skipping problem
Check with Sony. I've heard they had a software update. 
Richard grey 1200 S vs PS-600 ???
You might also want to research the Shunyata Hydra. It is a very excellent line conditioner and handles all your components without any current limiting or active devices. 
Wanted...Recommendations on Mapleshade
Any of their newer recordings are quite good. I personally like their vocal recordings like Mojo and the Cocuzzi disc. 
Soundstage wider than speaker placement?
Check out discs on Labels from Chesky, Mapleshade,and Opus 3. Most of the newer stuff will image like that. 
Remote Passive Preamp
Placette. Very nice. 
Shipping from Canada to the U.S.
I just bought some Spendors from a guy in Ottawa, Ontario. Went Fedex. Got a bill from customs service for 53.00 in the mail 2 weeks later. 
Preamp with Active/Passive switch??
The older PS Audio 4 and 5 series has selectable active/passive mode. I believe that McCormack also made a model that has both. Maybe someone can confirm this. At any rate the PS Audio units sound very good for the money at $300-$400 on the used m... 
Placette anyone have any opinions?
I just recently bought a Placette passive on the used market. The volume control was damaged in shipping (it appears to be quite fragile) and I called Guy Hammel about service. He told me to Superglue it??? I don't really want to do that so I am u... 
Sony SCD-777ES as a transport
That is exactly what I am doing. The Sony is a good transport. It is roughly the equivalent of what I was using which was a Theta Data II Universal. Haven't compared it to the best stuff, however. I found that a Digital Lens also helps for regular... 
Biggest Sonic Improvement
When I replaced my PS Audio Superlink D/A with a Levinson #36 D/A.