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Rega 300 switch Question
Thanks Guys 
Static Control Will A Mat Help
Yes I clean them before I play tem usually with TTVJ cleaning fluid using a VPI RCM, then Steam, final suction then use a micro fiber cloth for the last pass.The Micro fiber adds to the static build up. it is like a mini bolt of lighting to the ar... 
Do enzymes only live for 8 hours
This Topic needs some Moroccan Black, 16 beers, 5 audiophiles, 2 chemists and Steve Hawkins.I will arrange this get together and post the conclusion 
Do enzymes only live for 8 hours
Crap......... ignorance was bliss.I just wanted a recomendation on a good cleaner,I am gonna go back to a simple Brillo Pad and some elbow grease, it has always worked in the past. 
A Very Long Primer on Record Cleaning Fluids
Using enzyme based cleaning fluid I found a claim on Walker Audio which said"That It is important to understand that the enzymes remain active for only about eight to ten hours before they die".So does that mean the 1 gal of VPI cleaning solution ... 
Do enzymes only live for 8 hours
So after they die are cleaning fluids that use ennzymes ineffective?If so this is huge for all those sellers of enzyme based cleaning products.How does this affect liquid concentrate vs. solid based cleaning products? 
Loricraft Record Cleaning
So now opinions on cleaning products and how many processes do you use?There is a claim from one manufacturer regarding the enzymes that are used in most cleaning products that is, these enzymes have a short “shelf life” so the gallon of fluid you... 
Steam Revisited
The reason for me not mention names is that I forgot the type of cleaner I bought.I know it cost me about $50 for a concentrate that yielded a gallon when added to the water.I did purchase a 16oz TTVY Vinyl Gold Regular Strength that is applied di... 
Smallest Processor 7.1 H/T Only
An Integra DTR 9.1 Not 0.1 
Adona racks anyone use these
Like wise I am also looking at these but would like some feedback as Programmergeek pointed out they are rather expensive as far as tubular racks go. 
Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?
Dude my post was a joke read the other posts on this thread, the basis and content of the tread itself, that is what should be offensive to you, not me saying Californians are...........now lets be politically correct Steve...........Gullible....N... 
Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?
The subject was do we believe in Machina Dynamics and I put in my two penny worth about I think it is crap.But it seems that this has gotten to be slaging matches between a few members sometimes with posts that do not even reference the original s... 
Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?
No thanks just wanted to voice my frustration at some of the absolutely ludicrous claims that some members buy into.While I realize that it none of my business what Joe spends his money on but to me it lessens the credibility of our hobby/passion.... 
Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?
I cannot believe that Agon with all the quality products that are available lets this charlatan sell his crap on this respected site, sorry but words escape me I am totally gob smacked that people actually buy this.Give your cash to Greenpeace, Ox... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Were so pretty Oh so pretty… vacant