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Help me find a suitable speaker cable for my all McIntosh system
"I found they add emotion to the music. "                  ?????  
I Cried Today
My father just died yesterday at the age of 92. I grew up listening to his 78's and I still love old jazz to this day. Thank you.  
Is there a way to switch one set of speakers between two sound systems?
Getting 2 subs
"I would suggest utilizing 6 subwoofers stacking 3 on each side." I would suggest 10 subs. Plus 1 in the bathroom.  
I Am Not an Audio Snob
helomech "Whoever claims the Lokius is dead quiet either has other noisy gear in the chain or should seriously consider going to their local ENT for an audiogram......." Have you considered the possibility that you got a lemon?  
What new gear have you just bought?
Willsenton R8 - first dive into tube audio. Enjoying so far but waiting for delivery of new tubes to replace stock tubes.  
"The matter infigouriates me to no end" DeKay You are aware that "infigourates" is not a word, no?  
"I don’t know why, but posters pontunicating on cables that they have not heard infigouriates me"   Yeah, me too!    
Midrange Increasingly Harsh
"I apologize if I offended anyone with my modest problems.  I settled on the Audiogon forum since it looked like it had the most knowledgeable and experienced members around.  If it is strictly for much higher-end participants than myself, please ... 
Spikes on tower speakers
How thick is your carpet and what is your definition of "enough"? If this doesn't work for you, can you not cut the spikes off with a hack saw or something similar? Towers will never be rock solid.  
Spikes on tower speakers
Some years ago, I used two 12x12 stone (marble?) flooring tiles from local Home Improvement store. Cost maybe $20?  
Share your ‘I MacGyver’d it’ solutions
"Just yesterday I needed to raise my DVR. Found 4 orange juice bottle caps and 4 racquetballs." I have an old Onkyo A-7055 integrated that I enjoy but the feet are not completely level. Achieved the same results with 4 rubber chair leg caps - the... 
Speaker Stand Help
Similar to the Pangeas, I've been happy with my Bowers & Wilkins 24" stands. Both stands filled with about 10 lbs of aquarium gravel. Rock solid.  
CD Transport Question
soix 5,485 posts 09-22-2022 at 01:26pm  "Thought I heard a while back that Schiit was going to introduce a transport.  Am I just making this up in my own mind?"   No you're not. Someone posted about that a while ago. Haven't heard anything s... 
Equalizer APO/ preamplifier question
That's very helpful. Thanks.