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Kirk Owens Ex- Cary Audio contact details needed
Hi, Any one to respond to my request?  
Kirk Owens Ex- Cary Audio contact details needed
Anyone out there with any contact details of Kirk Owens , Ex Cary Audio Design technician ? 
Internet Radio as digital source
What has been suggested by Wlutke  is 100 percent right as per me. BlueSound Node 2i is the best for enthusiastic beginners ( in digital streaming)  yet who seek and enjoy audiophile quality. You don't need to spend seperately for a device to rece... 
Who buy PS AUDIO ?
I have been using PS Audio power plant P300 Multiwave, that's quite early model, since last 16 plus years. Never had any problems with it. I did open it 2-3 times to clean it from inside.  I am happy with the built quality.  
Who are your favorite A'gon posters?
AlmargCharles 1dadErik_ Squire  
Duelund JAM paper in oil , Cu foil Capacitors as coupling caps on Tube Amp
Thanks paulcreed  and jond, for your valuable suggestion regarding checking of life of my currently installed coupling caps. I intend to check for any leakage and measure the value on capacitance meter before going to change them. 
Best used DAC under $750.
I have been happily using Bryston BDA-1 since 8 years. Currently there are atleat three offers on A’gone which can fit your budget ( under $700) comfortably. Bryston gears are very reliable and long lasting. I would recommend to consider it. 
Internet Radio as digital source
Thanks guys . I now realize that all I meet is a laptop as a part of my audio system, and connect it to my DAC with suitable cable. My will seek some help from my children. I notice that there is some fee  for using these apps like TuneIn .  
Internet Radio as digital source
To make it clear , I wish to add internet Radio "TUNER " as a digital source to my 2 ch audio system. I don't know if there exists such a gear as  internet Radio TUNER or not. . I I am not lookiy for simple internet Radio with analog output with b... 
Buy a pair of ten year old $40,000 speakers for $4,000 or new ones at that price point?
devekayc rightly put :  "Anything that was 40 grand and has the possibility of being 4 grand today is a scam either then, or now. ." 
Low cost WiFi streamer : Google Chromcast Audio v/s Audioengine B1
Thanks kalali. Yes , I should have said "Bluetooth streamer" . WiFi speed , quality , reliability are good at my home. No issue there. If same quality sound using external DAC , I will forget about buying Audioengine B1 , and just continue to stay... 
Vintage Dual 1228 Turntable : worth to upgrade cartridge ?
rwmeditz, I feel happy that your efforts to restore your Dual TT paid off well. My experience has also been similar. I had replaced the old stylus with a JICO ( Japan) stylus model N95HE , cost me $96 plus shipping cost $15 , and got it delivered... 
Vintage Dual 1228 Turntable : worth to upgrade cartridge ?
I visited website of fixmydual.com . They are prefect, in my opinion, for service of a Dual TT. Charges seem to be reasonable ( $150 - 175  plus shipping ) .They seem to be located in Austin , TX. 
Vintage Dual 1228 Turntable : worth to upgrade cartridge ?
Your TT most likely only needs cleaning , and lubricating. It has set for many years, so some grease is dried up or the lube is lost. So all moving parts need through wiping, cleaning with alcohol and fresh lube or grease . Electrical and RCA cont... 
Electrostatic Speakers
I have been using since last 6-7 years, Electro Stat speakers from a company from India called Cadence Audio . I have their flagship model ARCA, which are hybrid type with 12’ woofers. With 91.5 dB sensitivity and 8 ohm avg., my 35 wpc tube amp dr...