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Audiophiles are older than dirt
buster brown --remember the cat --midnight 
Audiophiles are older than dirt
yes I got them --still feel young and thanks Foster_9--still remember my first pair of chucks--could squeek like crazy on the gym floor and stop on a dime :) 
Which hdtv would you recommend and why?
panasonic plasma --have the pioneer engineers working for them now --good reliability --if not plasma look at the vizio LED 
AC Outlet w/ Clairity, Trasparency, Bass Weight
Grant-that sums up what usually happens on these threads--best description yet --Rich 
AC Outlet w/ Clairity, Trasparency, Bass Weight
I like the wattgate more than the oyaide but was unable to discern any diff with a carbon plate 
To all tube lovers.......
symphonic line kraft amp or SL rg4 
Virginia Beach
I am in Norfolk-- system is down at the moment due to rehabing the area--but would be interested in starting up a group--feel free to email me --thanks--Rich 
Power Cable for Furman IT-REFERENCE 20i
I also have 2 furman IT ref20i--power cords on the furman can make a significant improvement in the system--I have worked up with 4 diff pwr cords and have settled on tek line ref pwr cord --Scott prefers 20amp iec connectors and it is not a probl... 
The Sound or Music
I will take the 300 and great sound--do I get dedicated lines on the island?? can listen to a different song every day for 300 days and after 3 mos on the island when I go crazy I won't remember what I listened to anyway--all kidding aside I have ... 
need to get a power conditioner
If I was going to get a furman I would find a used ref IT 20 or 15 and skip the elite15pfi I have owned all and the ref are still in my systems--worth the extra money in the long run 
What material best for a custom amp stand
get a solid concrete block made 20--30 dollars at most 
Is JL best sub for the money?
I have 2 jl audio F113 in my 2ch system with my stats and they are the best subs I have even owned --they are seemless---- there is always a new guy on the audio block and what any reviewer says may not be what you would think --trust your own ear... 
power cable for esoteric sa-50
tekline reference with silver iec--absolutely excellent 
Where does your user name come from?
mine is just my initials and address number--Rich 
Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?
Newbrook--you are welcome--there seems to be some doc hostility on this thread--people get very frustrated with tinnitus because there aren't any miracle cures and more research would help as well as educating the public about noise--the ipod gene...