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Stereo Amp recommendations for Legacy Audio XDs
Thanks for the input guys. I'm going to look at the Coda and Krell.   
Stereo Amp recommendations for Legacy Audio XDs
Thx soix, agreed. I’m leaning toward a Coda s5.5, open to advice from others   
Equalizer in a Hi Fi system
When I purchased my system, I refused to be without EQ, specifically once I auditioned the Wavelet with my Legacy Focus XDs. I could not imagine not have control over poorly mixed recordings, being able to adjust all EQ, room correction, volume an... 
Streamer/DAC Recommendations w Wavelett II
So your amp is in for repairs due to a mistake made with the switch setting on the legacy focus XDs? Please provide more detail or your direct email so I don’t make this mistake in the future as I plan to add another amp for mids and treble   
Streamer/DAC Recommendations w Wavelett II
Fthompson, when you use an outboard DAC and feed into the Wavelet are you still able to take advantage of the DSP room correction?  Or are you just using the Wavelet as a preamp?   
Streamer/DAC Recommendations w Wavelett II
Thank you Juan and fthompson251, sounds like I need to go the streamer only route and let my Wavelet handle the DAC. Juan I’ll reach out to you directly   
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Legacy Audio Focus XD. Thoroughly happy and content. Along with the Wavelet 2 DSP/EQ. I auditioned multiple speaks and for the price point (15k] there are simply no other contenders to get me where I wanted to be.   
Spotify HiFi
Have been forced to use Roon with Tidal and Qobuz to get near the artist content available via Spotity and not suffer hi res quality using Spotify. I have become accustomed to Roon but hate not being able to listen to my playlists in the car or ou... 
What are your top three live concerts of all time?
Chick Corea Acoustic Band Live in Pasadena mid 80s Return to Forever 2015 Led Zepplin 1995 Rush Moving pictures Tour Jean Luc Pony Greek Theatre and Hollywood bowl 80s and 90s       
Speakers with deep/powerful bass
Legacy audio Focus XDs, dual 12 inch subs with active 700w per channel, my house and walls rattle, shake and boom like never before, especially with electronic music. Absolutely the best sounding and most realistic sound pressure level speakers fo... 
"Best" 80's HiFi System
High end Cello Baby all the way around Electronics and Speakers w Micro Seik FG 1500 and Nakamichi Dragon deck Mid to high end VPI Nakamichi Dragon Kimber Cable Yamaha separates SARA Speakers  
Does your "esoteric" taste in audio also exist in other "things" you own/consume?
Yes, high end wine, Art, M3 and high end foodie to name some. Seems anything I love I eventually have to try the best   
No love for Legacy Audio
@mikekollar agree with Mike, I live just north of LA and was in the market for a new system but had around a 10 to 12k budget for speakers and about another 5 to 8k for electronics. I spent several weeks auditioning multiple speakers with names yo... 
The magic of outdoor listening
I’m quite blessed to have a very large private back yard (1/3 of an acre) north of LA with a beautiful pool and my wife and I love nothing more than spending most of our time in the back yard sipping wine just outside the main family room and loun... 
Marissa Nadler, dreamy, folk haunt and I’m not into folk but now I am as they she blends haunt is incredible. Try these albums from her, 1. The Path of the Clouds. 2. July 3. Instead of dreaming 4. Drone flower and 5. For my crimes  favorite song...