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SUT shootout
There is no correct load for any cartridge,nor agreement on what is optimal. The best load is the one that sounds best. 
Is good customer service about dead?
In this economy many company's have had to reduce staffing to bring costs in line with slower sales in addition many company's have had to lower their selling price as well as competing with on line sellers who provide no customer service. This me... 
Sota+SME IV=Ugh !!!
The SME/Sota combo is well documented as being a very good complimentary system. If there were balancing problems it was either operator error or defective suspension. After owning most of the Sota line and refurbishing several tables Im betting o... 
Wyred4Sound vs. Channel Island
I own the CI Audio D 500 mk 2 and have heard the W4S but in a different system. The CI system (mine) sounds much better. Not much of a comparison I know but I can tell you the CI's are some of the best amps Ive ever heard or owned. 
i am looking to replace my Krell with tube amps,
Bob Carvers new tube amps are supposed to be very good, 180 and 350w supposed to drive anything. 
Garrard 301-Worth the effort?
"Lastly, NEVER touch-up the platter - especially an early one! Whether grey or black those bare platters have a resonance to them (like a bell) and repainting will kill it!" Just curios, why would a resonating platter be desirable? Is there a reso... 
Tube Pre-Amp for Class D amps
Doge 8, I had it paired with D 500 mk2's, very nice. 
12ax7 vs 5751
Joes tube lore is far from the authority on 12ax7/5751( or anything else)The performance of a tube is going to be application dependent. Any one whos rolled tubes can tell you what works in one amp doesnt always work well in another. A 5751 can be... 
Sota+SME IV=Ugh !!!
A wood body doesnt necessarily make a cartridge sound "warm" 
Doge 8 Clarity
I had a Doge 8 that was in my system for about a year and a half. I loved it and couldnt say enough good things. Read with interest about the improvements in the clarity and contacted Joe. The phono does not employ the jfet any more and according ... 
Phono Preamp vs Preamp for a Turntable
Remember it will all be for naught if your cartridge is not properly aligned and adjusted. Now the fun begins! 
Tube preamp for about $1500?
Doge 8 has 1 bal out 
Getting started w/ tube equipment
I would absolutely encourage you to explore chinese brands. Make sure you buy from an established and reliable us dealer(assuming your in us). Also dont rule out used equipment there are many great bargains right here on the gon.Start with the pow... 
TT suggestion in the $7 - 10K range?
Cosmos IV or a Millennia. As above poster said youd have to spend 30k+ to better them. 
Getting a new table what pre-amp to get
OK let me give this example. I put a CA Stradivari on my Cosmos IV/SME V it sounds great, I mount the same cart on my Technics 1700 mk 2 it still sounds great just not quite as great. I mount a Digitrac 300 se (medium quality technics) on both tab...