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Best short-lived band?
john hall rules......stills can call it anything but its still stephen D & the D's wasnt a band. just somethin to fill the void.miss carl R.hows about the sandford and townsend band? 
bi-amp with a tube amp and SS
tube on the top/ss on the bottom!!!!! 
Best oil/lubricant for LP12 bearing
linn oil for a linn TTcontact an area dealer for the stuff. 8-10 bucks for a dose. kurt 
Lucinda Williams Fans?
have to reply and will get the ball rolling.nothin like a overcast, didnt score, hang-over morning, without coffee and lucinda. wanta start, bawling, or bitching as i post. yes to a fan.kurt 
Spanish Guitar
willie and lobo, jesse cook, strutz and farrah. 
One amp, four speaker cables
should be fine. i run silver on top and heavier copper on the bottom. let your ears do the walkin... kurt 
Other than Nemo and the like...
resident evil 
I Need An Outboard Balance Control, Do They Exist
consider luminous audio axiom preamps(125.ish ea). would have to dial in each channel individually, but woulddo the trick. 
How do you shield a Center speaker?
do a google search for mumetal. lotta tech talk and where to purchase sites. easy to fabricate to solve your problem. 
A great Thrift Store find...
pacific stereo distributed these as far back as late 60's /early 70's. the 10" would be the Q3 model.had Q2's(12" 3 way) with a 35.00 used sansui 1000A receiver and they rocked for me at the time. 
What concert or music DVD's are worth having?
zappa, baby snakes. excellent lineup, and fantastic claymation footage. kurt 
Vintage EV speaker question,,,advice asap if poss.
when in doubt.....more is better. get em both. kurt 
Replacing MM Cartridge suggestions phillips table
my former 212 with a grado red (80.00ish)was a good matchup for me. go for a vpi jr table and really move into the current era.put the dollars into the table arm to start with.kurt 
ESS and Heil air-motion tranformer - any thoughts?
purchased a pair of Heil air-motion transformers from ESS a year and a half ago after hearing a pair of AMT's. love 'em.driving them with ASL WAV 8's (highs) with audire planar IV (mids) and cerriano subs, with two active 3-way mono crossovers. st... 
Standing in the shadows of....
mind-blowing ALL the great hits they put their magic to.agree with the previous posts concerning joan osbourne. was never impressed until then. also enjoyed ben harper. kurt