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Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
FWIW...I use spades on both ends of my Venom-X cables. With a good "snugging" by hand I never had them come loose.  
I use an Aurender A20. I would urge you to find a way to demo it in your home. I currently run it through a Luxman 509Z but also have used it as a preamp with an Ayre VX-5 Twenty and a Pass Labs XA-25. I am very happy with its performance in eithe... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
I am not here to argue this point. However, I do wish one of the cable makers or some audiophile physicist would explain the science behind cable break-in.  
Newer Blues Artists or Recordings
Try a German version of SRV: Henrik Freischlader - Live at GuitarPoint (youtube.com) And his work with Layla Zoe: Dark Heart (youtube.com) As an enormous fan of SRV and The Derek Trucks band I was immediately enamored with this work.  
RCA Phono Interconnect Under $400
This one gets my vote Cardas - Iridium Phono Interconnect - Music Direct  
Robert Plant
@dodgealum YES!!! I Love Plant but was always blown away by Bonham and Jones. They were the backbone of the music. When they showed up  the fight begins, so to speak. Their contribution to the band's tone was demonstrative and emotional on an almo... 
Robert Plant
Zep has been my favorite band since I was 10 (now 63) and have the tattoos to prove it. I was devastated when Bonham passed. I met Plant the morning after a show in Norfolk Virginia at breakfast in the hotel. He was with the entire band (Sensation... 
50 ways to leave your lover
Gadd is and always has been my favorite drummer. He is from Rochester NY which is a few miles from my home town. I had the opportunity to briefly talk with him once which made my hi-lite real. Among other things we discussed him touring with Clapt... 
Preamp for First Watt F7
I ran a Rogue RH-5 with an First Watt F6 and thought it was an excellent match. I just received it back from Rogue with a clean bill of health if you're interested. I also have a bunch of spare tubes if you are so inclined.    
Higher-End Class A/B vs. Class A Integrateds
In the last 3 years I have gone through too many class A and A/B amps (integrated and separates) to mention. I just bought a Luxman L-509Z. I use an Aurender A20 as my digital source. Speakers are Harbeth SHL5s 30th anniversary. Even the phonostag... 
Have we lost civility and respect on Audio forums?
Any social media site, even one small and somewhat esoteric as this one, is just a microcosm of society.  
What was the first power cable that you noticed a difference in the sound?
Shunyata Venom-X EF With patience these can be found used for $500  
Anyone has a reference system where amplification is SS ?
I always thought of a reference system as just that, a reference. In other words, something you can compare other hardware to in order to make a judgement as to whether a change makes a difference, good, bad or indifferent, to your ears. All syst... 
Getting into the music
I feel your pain. Since retiring I have chased "the sound" and finally it hit me. I was wasting too much time in the critical listening arena and not enjoying the music. Then one day, on a whim, I tried out an old pair of Klipsch Chorus ll speaker... 
Scent of an Audio Store
@czarivey  My  unit always smells nice