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Seeking Opinions on Clearaudio and VPI Turntables
I just bought an emotion, and i think it is a great sounding table, i was amazed how good it sounded right out of the box, with the aurum classic, you won't be disapointed if you go with the clearaudio. 
listening to music in the car
i say, car audio is a different beast, but just as fun !! 
you did a really nice job on that cover. 
L. Armstrong, glue prob, Complete Hot 5 and Hot 7
the goo gone would work, and it not really that strong, it is a citrus based oil, and will not harm plastic. 
GFP-750 - blue v. red circuit boards
i have one with a red board, dang it, i'm going to open mine up, and try to color my board blue, so it will sound better 
Seeking hot running amps
why don't you just get a space heater, it would be alot less expensive. 
Does DK Design actually design and manufacture?
most equipment manufacturers, design the equipment to their specs, and then outsource the manufacture and assembly, so yes, they do pretty much all operate the same. 
jewelers loop
ok, thanks Nsgarch, thats what i was needing to know. 
jewelers loop
i just noticed we have the same exact table and cart. as well 
jewelers loop
if you remember that website Dlwask, let me know, i am looking for a good reasonable place to purchase one. thanks. 
Audio Debt?
i purchased many, many $$ of equipment on my credit cards, and then ended up filing bankruptcy, so basically my system was free, and now i am totally debt free, gotta love this country !! 
phono channel output
yeah , that is very normal 
UPS Tracking Question
no, it shouldn't be in that status after 4 days, the only time i've ever seen that status, is the day the shipper purchases their shipping label, but before the ups driver picks up the pkg. i would check with the shipper again, and find out what i... 
Looking for a good power conditioner
nah, you should get one of the bigger monster units, they are the best out there 
Mint Condition, Doesn't Anyone Know What It Means
If mint means perfect for albums, then i've had even some brand new sealed albums that were not what i would consider perfect