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Tube Preamp for McCormack DNA-0.5
I was in your same exact situation years ago. I had McCormack amp driving Maggie 1.6 with a passive preamp. In fact still have that setup up among my several systems.Needless, I compared the Audible Illusions preamp in the system to my hot rodded ... 
fritz loudspeakers
Here are my thoughts and feedback for those interested or unsure about this manufacturer:I am very happy with my Fritz Carbon 7 speakers - I met Fritz at AK Fest, and was immediately drawn to the sound in his room. What impressed me the most was t... 
Smallest speakers that ROCK
Lenehan ML-1's from Australia! These are wonderful and worth the wait. Subwoofer like authority and PUNCH, Huge soundstage, custom finishes, and small bookshelf size! 
Changing to bookshelf speakers. Recommendations?
The Lenehan ML-1's are outstanding! Solid State amp really drives these with authority. The bass is SO SO tight and everyone believes that there must be a subwoofer somewhere in the room. NOT, just the little ML-1 bookshelves from Lehehan. Soundst... 
Sonos Questions
Cedar,What did this external power supply cost for the Sonos? Interesting thought, as I just would never have thought wireless could sound as good as a direct connection. For sure, it is the DAC that is also contributing.R. 
Pre-amping a Trends Audio TA 10.1?
Yes, I use a tube preamp with 12au7 NOS tubes. It definetly improves the sound considerably. Trends was suppose to be making a tube preamp available, but I have since heard nothing of it recently. King Rex is going to have a tube pre for their stu... 
Is my amp "High Current"?
Yes, McCormack amps are high current design.Steve at SMc Audio (where mods were done) will gladly talk to you. You have a very NICE amp there!! Have fun!!! Only thing I like better is tube amp, but for solid state McCormack is great!! 
Running monoblocks in parallel to increase watts??
Thanks for the insight and discussion. I think I'll stay with what I got since I am not technically inclined to feel confident in the safety of this application. Lots more too it than I thought.One of the few problems with AGon is its lack of a st... 
Has anyone tried Consonance Reference 880?
Yes, I own one. It is an excellent unit. It drove my Maggie 1.6 fine, but lacked bass. I then used with a subwoofer to handle the low bass signal, and it sounds great! I would also recommend you upgrade the preamp tubes. The 6550 power tubes can a... 
Wolfson WM8740: 540C vs. 640C vs. CD73 vs. Apollo
Power supplies, and other circuit design make as much a difference in sound as does the DAC in my opinion. That said, all these players are less than a thousand dollars and the DAC could have more of an influence on a less ambitious design than on... 
any information on modded dvd players by parts con
They do excellent work! Only people I will trust with a mod. I have tried two other places that "blew it". There are lots of tweakers and hobby folks out there, then when something goes wrong, they are never around to stand behind their work. Part... 
Who mods the EAR 834P
Mitch is the DUDE!!! 
Please help me choose a new cart, advice needed
I am not an expert on Oracle turntables. But Well Tempered yes! The Well Tempered arm seems to be one of the hardest things to set up correctly for most turntable lovers. They simply do not commit to tweaking, and tweaking it until they get it rig... 
speaker cable suggestion for Magnepans
I use Tara TFA Return Phase II with mine. A ten foot pair from Cable Company costs about $100. Love them.With the money saved, buy yourself a better quality digital interconnect between cd and preamp.R. 
jolida issues? first tube amp
I owned a 1703 Jolida a few years ago and it worked perfect. I own their CD player (JD 100) and it also works perfect. Love it!!!!R.