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Acoustic Energy 2 Integrated Amp Suggestions
Thanks.  Those seem like they would be great.  Especially the exposure with a digital card.  I’ll keep on the lookout. 
Retipping Cartridge
Thank you Chakster4 for sharing all that history regarding my cartridge.  I had no idea.  All I know is it sounds great.  In response to your your inquiry, no, I do not know the difference between Cartridge Man and Grado.  Also, I did look into re... 
Manley snapper vs Atma-sphere M60
I'm running my Tannoy Canterbury's with M-60's and they sound incredible to my ears with all styles of music. 
Audiogon’s transaction fees
I’ve looked into this before and yes the fees are not readily available.  Really rather crazy.  I’ve sold some gear quite a while back and my recollection was that the fees at that time were more readily available so that one could consider prior ... 
What is the best 5k-plus Preamp with balanced outs and Phono stage?
A second hand aesthetix Janus signature is what I have and enjoy very much.  An Atma-Sphere MP3 would be another to consider I would think though the Janus has more flexibility in terms of cartridges. 
Counterpoint SA-20
That was a fantastic sounding amp. Way back in my early audiophile days, I used this amp with a pair of AE2’s I had, and with that amp, and a GNS modified SP-14, that was the best those speakers ever sounded. OK, unfortunately, one evening as I wa... 
CD Player Suggestions under $ 500
Thanks, I think those are both great suggestions. 
Cartridge Man pin colors
Perfect!  Thanks! 
Aesthetix Calypso Signature
I'm using the Janus signature in my rig and love it.  Can be be a bit fussy on tubes though especially in the phono stage.  Tube rush when playing loud.  Also appreciate being back to full feature pre for both my phono front end and digital.  I've... 
Best speakers for Pink Floyd?
PF sounds terrific on my Tannoy Canterbury's but then pretty much everything does.  Love cranking up the wall late at night to house shaking levels.  Neighbors are wondering what the hell is going on over there! 
Great amp, crashed and burned after 30 hours... Buyer protection?
I've had many transactions here and they have all, fortunately,  worked out well.  However, I do my best to vet the seller and purchase in a manner that helps protect me but understand that there is always some degree of risk when purchasing from ... 
Amplifier for Tannoy Turnberry GR
I've been running my Canterbury's with 60 watt Atma's OTL's and they truly sing with those. Been curious about trying them with a good 100 watt plus SS amp, or a first watt amp, particularly for large orchestral music and opera to see how that wou... 
Power conditioner
Never tried power conditioning before but yesterday borrowed my brothers shunyata hydra 6 with a python power cable. I was very surprised to say the least. Wide separated sound stage. Very defined tone in both high end (bells) and low end (drums) ... 
Application to be used with mac mini
OK, I tried to configure that. Thought it would be easy but so far no go. Perhaps I'm just not that used to mac products. More of a PC person. I'll give it another go this evening. I did set up VNC and that was a snap. 
USB SQ, what can one expect
Thanks Lew for the info. My Dell is far from optimized. I was just trying it out. Over the course of the next couple of months I will set up a "music" server and see how that works. Thanks.