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Freak Me Out
On a scale of Pierre Schaeffer to Merzbow how freaky are we talking? 
Music and politics
Politics, Religion, and other dangerous discussion topics tend to be polarizing in the sense one is ambivalent about them or its part of their core identity. Even when music is apolitical the artist in question is likely to have artistic & phi... 
Need Help buying headphones and head amps
Sennhesier(laidback) and Grado(forward) are polar opposites sound wise and in what amplifiers they pair well with; however both fall toward the warm side of things. My preferred brand is Ultrasone and I'd make sure to get them on the audition list... 
Best Minimalist DAC?
UltraFi DAC41 is probably one of the more minimalist DACs in existence. No filters, no power LED, no power switch. The sound is very immediate, if not perhaps containing the tiniest bit of grit. I prefer it over the Questyle CAS192D. 
Is computer audio a bust?
I'm beyond happy with my computer transport but I couldn't listen to it before I got JPLAY. Could you go more in depth about what your/your friends' computers give up to the transports? If it's that digital glare or grain I'd recommend trying the ...