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I can't remember the name of this Dealer / Company
Yes, his name is Norman Cones. If I remember correctly, I got a couple of dust covers from him. Makes a great product and is a super nice guy.   
Looking for a CD / SACD player. Also, tell me about Esoteric
Have been using Esoteric for years! I’ve had many different SAAC players. Great sound!, built like a tank and repair service is available if needed.   
Your Ultimate Phono Preamp: Which One Would You Choose?
Audio Research Reference Phono 10 is probably my end game. The thing sounds fantastic! And am totally happy.   
Full loom of the same cable brand vs mixing and matching.
I’m using Shunyata, MIT, and Nordost! Couldn’t be happier!! Well maybe lol.    Michael.   
Tube amps under $7500
I would recommend an older Conrad Johnson such as a premier 140 used, Also, Manley Snappers, I’ve had great luck using both. They both will fall within your budget. Both of these amplify sound glorious. Good luck with your search.    Michael.   
Handling Heavy Amps
I feel your pain. I just put my system on new racks! And some of my gear is about 75lbs plus . I’m 60 now and can still do it but another 10 years or so I’ll be SOL. Maybe try and stay on the lighter side of things if you can. That’s what I think ... 
Are Their any Tube Preamp with Home Theater Bypass?
Conrad Johnson all the way.  All of there units Have had theater bypass for many many years now. Michael  
Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?
Just a quick update to all that are curious about Kharma speakers. I received my new pair of Kharma DB9 S speakers about a month ago , and I can honestly say these are the most musical speakers Ive ever owned. I believe that is saying something. S... 
Does anyone have any recent experience with Kharma loudspeakers?
Well Found this thread. So I figured I would add my two cents. I have on order a Pair of Kharma DB 9S, and should arrive soon??? I hope. Anyway sold two pairs of Wilsons as I was not happy with them. Tried a Pair of Focal Scala Evos and disliked t... 
Audiophile Club In South East Florida.
Hello, That's all folks, the greet and meet at Audio Salon 4/20/16 is cancelled due to a lack of interest. I tried but it just didn't work out, trying to start an audio club. I wish everyone the best thank you.Michael. 
Audiophile Club In South East Florida.
Well from Boynton beach its 63 miles, to Coral Gables, I understand you not wanting to drive, but if this is even going to get a first meeting everyone who might be interested will have to drive there. Next meeting would be in Boynton and hopefull... 
Audiophile Club In South East Florida.
Hi chazro, There is! that is why I'm putting this out there for everyone on this thread  to meet on the 20th at Audio salon, hopefully this works out?.  
Audiophile Club In South East Florida.
Hi guys, I know its been a while since I started working on getting a place to meet and greet, regarding the audiophile club. There was a dealer I reached out to and he did not respond back at all period!, so I kind of dropped the ball at that poi... 
Audiophile Club In South East Florida.
Ok, sorry about the delay getting back, Ive been just too busy. Now let me find a place for everyone to meet! that would probably be the easiest? first time out!. There are a couple of dealers that might let us do this to promote business. I will ... 
Audiophile Club In South East Florida.
Alright guys, let's give it a few more days, and see who else pops up here. This seems like this will be fun.