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power conditioners
Furman is by far not the best but I like them. For the money they protect well and don't degrade the sound like others do but Shunyata, Running Springs, Audience, and Theorem are in an entirely different league. 
audio research dac 3 vs m-f trivista 21
Never buy anything without listening, it is much cheaper to find a good dealer and pay full retail than blow a lot on 5 or 6 used components before you find one you like.The Cantons are very bright so you will want a DAC with smooth highs and ther... 
power conditioners
Often the ones built for surge protection as their main focus don't sound that good.A good conditioner can make a big difference only after you have your system well tuned and properly matched. 
The PS Audio PCA-2, good product? Compairisons?
The first pre-amp that significantly beats it of what I have heard out there is the Musical Concepts Chameleon for around $2000. 
PS Perfect Wave Trans/DAC versus Meridian 808.2
I agree with Ballan and will add that the Meridian never seems to sound like music, it always sounds digital.Find a dealer that really knows system matching to help you, it saves a lot of headaches and money in the long run. 
K & K phono pre compasison
I would consider the new Fosgate as one option or the new Musical Design form John Hillig.The Aesthetix, the Thore, and the LAMM are significantly better but .....$$$$ 
B&W N804 vs. new 805di
Ask your dealer to let you audition them. Thats his job. Let him do it. :-)It depends on your electronics. The D series are brighter but less grainy so if you electronics are warm you will like the difference but if they are detailed you won't. 
Original Shunyata Hydra Owners
The Running Springs may roll of highs which can help a lot of equipment but the Hydra does not and what Kina is missing from the Monster is the grain that he thinks is highs.My amp and pre-amp have a 10 Mhz. bandwidth at full output and the Shunya... 
B K Ref 70 vs. Integra 80.1 in 2 channel
Best thing is to find a dealer that knows what he is doing to match the right things.B&K amps are better sounding than their pre-amps. The Pre-amps are flexible.They all sound brighter than most pre-amps and rather digital sounding so you need... 
Original Shunyata Hydra Owners
I am a dealer and have tried several along with other brands. Your dealer should be helpful and also let you try different ones. That's his job.There is only a handful of power cords that are a real upgrade while most are just different.Even in th... 
Clearaudio Aurum Beta S
I am a dealer and a good dealer could help you.The sound will get lean with less bass and the bass will be snappy like you hear bass on a ribbon speaker. Not round and full.Inside grooves of a record with have splashy highs and smeared S's on sing... 
Cartridge for SOTA SAPH/SME3009II ?
I'm a dealer but it would help people to know the rest of your system. If you have a system that is very warm or bright people will suggest different combinations.Do you have a real good dealer close to you that can help with matching? This is usu... 
Best in-wall speakers for rear channel?
I am a dealer but 2 come to miod but I only sell 1 of them.For their tone and wide staging I like and sell the Energy Di-pole in ceiling.I don't sell but would also be a good tonal match is the Martin Logan in-ceiling speakers. They are a little b... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C vs EMM CDSA SE
Hello. I am a dealer and do not sell either one but there is a big difference.The EMM is much more seethrugh and places objects in the recording in its own space and time so you can "walk" around the sound.The Cambridge is smooth but also closed i... 
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C vs EMM CDSA SE
Short answer is yes. Long answer is what options do you have if you are considering the EMM price range?Price doesn't relate to performance unless you are comparing designers that are great at giving value. There are rip offs and steals at every p...