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what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
Yes - Paul Simon’s America.   
Spotify for classical music lovers
I am a Tidal subscriber and primarily a classical listener.  I am listening to Primephonic Platinum with a 14 day trial and must say the audio quality is noticeably better than listening to the same recordings on Tidal (hifi).  I am signing up for... 
cdp repair in Chicago
I had great service to repair a cdp from Anthony’s Electronic Services on Broadway in Chicago.  He diagnosed for free that  I needed a new spindle motor which I then sourced on EBay. Repair service cost about 150 
"Best" mini-monitor?
I am also constrained by a small room.  I have had the Micro Utopia BE.  It is a nice speaker but I did not feel they were very coherent in the small space.  I felt like I was listening to the tweeter.  I have had the Wilson Benesch ARCs and they ... 
Good match for Rega Brio-R
I would look for a used pair of Reference 3a De Capos .  I see an i version listed with factory stands in your range.  I've listened to them before the i or Be versions and thought they were very coherent sounding speakers with good bass for a 2 w... 
Tidal has started streaming MQA encoded albums
ahendler and aberyclark Thank you for the response.  I am able to get full MQA decoding to work across all of the master albums.  between the 2L and others I need to de-select the MQA passthrough and re-select when switching between the 2.  do you... 
Tidal has started streaming MQA encoded albums
ahendler...I'll check if I have the latest Explorer 2 firmware.  Are you using MAC OS?  what version?  thanks  
Tidal has started streaming MQA encoded albums
using Explorer 2.  the 2L recordings decode to MQA (really sounds good) but all other albums do not decode and play at the wrong speed (much faster)  
looking for an a/V installer- specialist in the Chicago/Hinsdale area.
Audio Consultants in Hinsdale 
Standmount speakers 4k-8k
Sorry. Vivids are not conventional looking. You'll get over it.  
Standmount speakers 4k-8k
I had the WB Arcs which were great. Replaced the with Vivid V1.5 about 5 years ago and they are tremendous. No stand needed either.  Detailed but coherent. Easy to work into a room like the Arcs.  
Aesthetix Rhea signature phono stage
I have a Rhea sig . Sounds great. Noisy? no. I use stock tubes and 56 db of gain 
New floor stand speakers
I would consider the Vivid Audio B1. I have v1.5s and would have b1 in a larger room. Vivid makes a great sounding speaker . Detailed and coherent. sounds like there is no box but dynamic. 
RCA Shorting Plugs vs Caps non-shorting ?
Shorting plugs should only be used on inputs 
Best loudspeaker with coincident/coaxial driver
Ive been wanting to listen to the Eclipse speakers..this one in particular...